A perfect day…

A shaft of sunlight falls across the sheets of the bed. You wake to the sound of birds singing, water splashing from the filter of the aquamarine swimming pool outside your windows and the laughter of your children. You realise that you are somewhere different, somewhere special. The smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked sweet rolls wafts through the room. You feel immensely satisfied to know that you’ve slept solidly for over eight hours.

As you pad across the room and out into the living area you sense an atmosphere of excitement. Something a bit different is planned for the day. A scenic drive down a beautiful coastline in a hired mini bus full of family, young cousins laughing and joking, everyone singing along to old Motown classics. You stop to spot exotic wildlife and do some beach combing along the way, filling buckets with the most beautiful seashells you’ve ever seen.

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