On missing Blogfest 2015

Rabbit jumpingBack in June 2014, a year into my blogging journey, I missed the first Britmums Live conference I had the chance to attend – even though I’d bought a ticket. As I’ve mentioned before I managed to double book myself that year and our family holiday took precedence. However, despite having a really lovely holiday, I was really gutted at the time. I remember sitting in the car as we drove home from Norfolk flicking through my Twitter feed relentlessly, torn between the desire to pretend it wasn’t happening and wanting to feel in some way connected to events. I took in every Morrisons cake and staged selfie and worried that I’d missed the boat as far as bonding with the people I’d been chatting with for many months was concerned.

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On Blogfest

Blogfest funny

So that’s it – I’ve finally popped the conference cherry thanks to Mumsnet! This was huge for me – I have been avidly stalking following the updates and lowdowns of ‘people like me’ as they have jetted around from Britmums to Blogcamp this year, being fed delicious cakes and valuable techie tips to put them one step ahead of the competition (I know, I know, it’s not a competition!). So I had pretty high expectations of what this day would bring and spent some time obsessing over what I would wear and just how many business cards I would need (extremely amusing in hindsight having returned home with 99 out of my 100 lovingly designed expressions of intention).

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Baby brain has a lot to answer for!

Disappointed polar bear

I’m not in the habit of using this blog as a diary of my feelings and emotions but tonight I’m feeling really sad and disappointed having discovered that the blog conference BritMums Live 2014 which I have been so looking forward to, having booked my ticket up back in April is now a distant memory due to my ineptitude at any kind of organisational skills – I’ve only gone and booked our family holiday over the top of those dates! This is something that can’t be changed – we’ve managed to coordinate time off (which is not always easy considering staffing demands within our organisation), paid in full and arranged to meet up with one of my best friends and her family both the week before and the day of BML. Of course this will be amazing in itself but I can’t help but feeling like I have had this magic carpet whipped out from under my feet.

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