Out of the Loop: What my ‘Blog Break’ taught me

I’ve been having this feeling. You know those clever stop motion films where one person stands still while everything going on around them flashes past in such high speed that it’s literally a blur? That.

I went to Devon with my family for a week and although I had my Kindle tablet with me I didn’t either write, post or even really read any blog posts for over 7 days. It doesn’t sound that much but I came back to nearly 100 unread emails from the blogs I follow. It’s a bit overwhelming because the posts never stop coming and I’d love to be able to read each and every one which leaves little time for anything else!

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A blogging holiday

Relaxing under a palm tree on remote beach

My blog is pretty much a year old this month and, particularly in the past six months, I have become more and more invested in it – both time and even money wise. I tend to find myself binning off other activities (of an evening) in favour of concentrating on either writing, reading or commenting on other peoples’ blogs. And that’s without even factoring in partaking of a little tweet here or there or fiddling about with picture editing.

I enjoy it. I like writing; sometimes I even love writing if the muse has really struck me and I am 100% invested in my subject. But sometimes my commentary and involvement with others suffers because I have set myself these high writing and posting targets and it has felt like I am ‘failing’ in some way if I’ve missed out on a regular linky or the stats have dropped off because I haven’t written and then promoted a post properly.

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