The big bathroom transformation!

Well, this is it – you’ve heard all about it here – its been a week of upheaval, plaster dust over everything, bathtime and bedtime routines up the Swanny, bathroom related stuff lying in piles around the house, but its finally (more or less) over!

I took the opportunity to take a few before, during and after pics so that we could assess and share the results.

You may think the overall look of the bathroom before was not so bad – possibly a little 70s in decor, but from a distance, not bad. There were a lot of problems though. A broken old plastic cabinet with one of the mirrored sections being propped up below on the soap dish; a rusty old metal trolley acting as our storage receptacle for everything from shaving gels to bath toys and a pile of somewhat mouldy old copies of What Car magazine the hubster insisted on keeping in there; a horrible limescale stained toilet with a chipped wooden seat; a completely pointless stand-alone shower which couldn’t be used due to leakage issues which had caused terrible damp patches on the ceiling below; and a bath with no shower attachments meaning I was left with no choice but to wash my hair using a kitchen jug to rinse.

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Word of the week: Filth!


This week we have been having our bathroom ripped out (floor to ceiling tiles, plaster, everything) and a new one installed. This work is still ongoing. Needless to say its been a bit of an upheaval. We have one man doing all the work on his own – he’s a lovely Polish guy called Slav (although JJ insists that he’s actually named Scarf). There is so much work for him to do on his own though, including demolition and removal of the waste, tiling, plumbing, electrics and installation of the actual fittings. He will still be working this Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. This is all arranged and organised through the bathroom fitting service at B&Q so I guess they’re saving money by using one man per job.

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