B&W Photography Project: My blondie

My blondie

Another picture I took in my parents back garden last Sunday. I’m loving the way the bright sunshine makes everything stand out in sharp contrasts. I also love the candid nature of the picture and the fact that he just looks so sweet!

Linking up to the Black and White Photography project over at Podcast The Doves again.

25 thoughts on “B&W Photography Project: My blondie

  1. This is really good – I’d have picked up on the lighting and expression too.

    The lighting reminds me of snaps people take in Spain and Portugal. Do you have any plans to go??? I think you’d take some amazing pictures out there.

    • I guess it has that kind of lighting because of the bright summer’s day and the position of the sun at this time of year but sadly, no, no plans to visit those lovely countries at this time!

    • Thanks honey. As I mentioned in a previous reply, I do feel like these pictures I’ve taken in black and white (and with an eye to being a bit more artistic) are, I feel, the closest to professional quality portraits I’ve ever managed…

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