Santa arrives!

Santa's arrival on monster truck

Yesterday I took two very excited little boys (well, to be fair, one very excited little boy and a slightly non-plussed toddler) up to our local garden centre to see the arrival of Santa – on a ‘monster truck’ – surely a little boy’s dream?

It wasn’t what I had imagined by the description ‘monster truck’ – I was thinking small vehicle on massive wheels – but it was pretty impressive all the same – a shiny, American style lorry cab, adorned with tinsel and tooting it’s rather impressive whistle as it drove up the road outside to building excitement as the crowds thronged the walkways straining for their first view of the man in red.

JJ’s little friend had already decided that this man wasn’t Santa – not the real one anyway – and as we hadn’t booked tickets for the grotto we decided to go in and treat ourselves to cakes and coffee. I know that garden centres are not everyone’s cup of tea – and to be honest they do attract mostly people with little kids (like us!) or old people, but actually, they really are quite a nice place to take the little ones at this time of year – everything is so festive and there’s a lovely atmosphere.

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22 thoughts on “Santa arrives!

    • I think a lot of people have the same idea Sam – our local has even got a family room in the cafe (with Cbeebies on TV) and an outside play area too, which, along with looking at (and sometimes feeding) the fish, visiting the bunnies and the snakes and lizards, the toys – it’s a good hour’s ‘free’ entertainment 🙂 X

    • Hi Sherry – to be honest I chose this one for my b&w photo this week because I just hadn’t taken many others this week! Normally I’m a bit more discerning! Santa was actually completely normal sized, hence him disappearing into the crowd the moment he got down from the cab! X

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