The lavender farm mob

Lavender - JJ walking


Last year I was overwhelmed with the number of bloggers who managed to find that magical venue in July – the lavender fields; a place where the sun always shines, the scent is heady, the gentle hum and buzz of bees that have been spoilt for choice is the soundtrack and the children can run free creating the ideal opportunity for some amazing photo memories.

During the week I discussed the phenomenon with a work colleague who happened to mention a place he has often driven past on the road from Selbourne to Alton in Hampshire. He mentioned driving past a sea of purples in high summer – a spectacle in an otherwise mundane series of roadside views through bog standard farmland.

I looked it up – it’s a place called English Hampshire Lavender at Hartley Park Farm near Alton, and lo and behold they were holding their annual open days this last weekend (4th & 5th July) and next weekend (11th & 12th).

The hubster was on late shifts (and I wasn’t sure it was his cup of tea anyway) but I had a little brainstorm and realised it would be the perfect opportunity to get together with one of my oldest and bestest friends and her husband – particularly because they are both hugely into photography and the lure of a cream tea!

Not only was it wonderful to visit such a beautiful place on such a glorious hot sunny July day, but it was a treat to be able to have such a backdrop for a reunion with my friends who I haven’t seen for the best part of three years. It’s true what they say, some friends may not be around for a long time, but when you get together you can pick up as if you never left off.

Lavender - tractor & trailer rides


We had a lovely cream tea and the boys had cake and lavender biscuits before queueing up for the main attraction as far as the boys were concerned – a tractor ride. Unfortunately we hadn’t realised quite how long the rides would take and spent ages waiting before finding out that the 30 minute ride would be more of a history of non-lavendery bits of the farm – we couldn’t let the boys down though and endured a lengthy exposition on the state of British farming, quotas, points of historical interest and quite a bit of dust blowback. Several small children burst into tears after the first five minutes. I became anxious that the open day was drawing to a close and we would miss out on the bit we had really come for – a walk through the actual lavender fields.

Thankfully the people running the show were more than willing to let us take our time and we probably had better late afternoon light by the time we hit the fields.

The boys enjoyed blowing off some steam and dust but by this time they were flagging somewhat and eventually we realised that we had been at the farm for over three hours and decided to call it a day and head homewards (me hoping desperately that all that soporific lavender would send the kids off to a sound night of solid slumber!).

Here is a selection of my favourite shots (apologies for the onslaught of purple madness to follow!):

lavender - JJ in foreground


Lavender - EJ in foreground


Lavender - JJ crossing field


Lavender - me & EJ

Lavender - JJ coming past


Lavender - different shades

Lavender - boys coming towards camera


Lavender - EJ crossing field


I even got to bring a little bit of the experience home with me…

Lavender plant


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12 thoughts on “The lavender farm mob

    • Not a mixed bag really – we did think the tractor ride was a bit too long and not child-friendly enough (which would have been fine with advance warning!) but actually it gave me more time to chat and catch up with my friend and the kids didn’t really complain at all. Weirdly EJ didn’t drop off in the car til the last five/ten minutes of the 25 minute drive which was great as it meant he was still nice and tired soon after at bedtime and slept really well that night. I definitely recommend the lavender farm experience! Xx

    • I’m not even sure where you live Jude. There is one in south London. We had a lovely afternoon and I will treasure these photos I took forever. I think sometimes you need to go somewhere that is obviously visually appealing like this in order to give yourself a good excuse to just have a little out of the ordinary photo shoot with your kids. X

    • I love that top and get lots of comments on it Caroline! I recommend a visit to a lavender farm if you ever get the chance – it’s a lovely place to go and very appealing to the senses. X

    • Oh that’s a shame Jocelyn – it makes a really nice afternoon excursion at this time of year and the children just naturally seem drawn to running through a field like this! X

    • We were there for over three hours in the end Sara – time just got away from us! It was such a lovely afternoon though – definitely one ticked off the summer bucket list! X

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