An impromptu picnic at Farnham Park with Trespass Picnic Rucksack

EJ in Farnham Park


Over the summer holidays we visited beautiful, picturesque Farnham Park once or twice and noticed that construction was taking place to replace the old play structures with something completely unique. Unfortunately the work didn’t actually finish until the kids were back at school, however I took my two along last Sunday and we discovered this wonderful wooden wonderland filled with forts, trip trap bridges, never ending balance beams, wobbly bridges, giant spiders with climbing webs and, thankfully, the old zipwire still in place!

While we were there it occurred to me that it would be a lovely place to take advantage of with a little one during school term time if nice weather presented itself – a lot less busy – and lo and behold today we had just such a day! The sun was shining and another friend with a little boy very close in age to EJ suggested we take the boys over there for a picnic.

This was fortuitous because I have recently been sent a very nice picnic rucksack to review by the outdoor sport camping and clothing company Trespass and it was the perfect opportunity to put it to the test.

EJ with Trespass picnic bag


The bag itself has two main pockets – the main compartment which is insulated to keep things cool, and the front section which contains four plastic plates, four plastic wine glasses and four sets of cutlery as well as four linen style napkins.

EJ picnic


Above is EJ sampling one of the plates and napkins (and looking very suspiciously at a sausage roll!). It was handy to have the cutlery to cut sandwiches up easily for him rather than trying to tear into even pieces. However I managed to somehow break the bases off two of the wine glasses when I opened the bag (I was transporting my purse and camera in the same compartment so as to reduce the need to carry another bag and the extra weight may have put pressure on them).

Orange juice in Trespass picnic glass


Other than that I found the bag extremely useful. I like that it has the insulation (it is great as an extra item to take on a camping trip too as it reduces the need to buy dedicated camping accessories) and I thought that the bag itself was very comfortable with lovely cushioned shoulder straps which help distribute the weight evenly (and mine was loaded with heavy bottles of orange juice and water).

Over-all the rucksack was a success, with a lot of room for plenty of crisps, sandwiches, drinks, sausage rolls, wipes, biscuits and apples!

We had a lovely morning and lunchtime visit to the park and actually returned later the same day for more – I highly recommend a visit to Farnham Park if you are in the vicinity of West Surrey.

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