Changing the guard

black & white at the palaceJust lately I have begun to notice that six year old JJ seems to be having something of a developmental leap forward. For such a long time now he has been stuck on picture books and the only reading he has done has been his homework (Biff, Chip and Kipper books) from school – often under a bit of duress! However we recently went into a local bookshop together with EJ and I told them each they could pick out whatever book they liked. EJ went standard – Blaze of Glory – a picture book based on the Nickolodeon cartoon character, however JJ picked out his first ever paperback – Supercat vs. The Party Pooper by Jeanne Willis.Supercat

Since then he has been getting more and more interested in spending his ‘quiet time’ reading rather than watching endless repeats of Hank Zipzer on his tablet. Reading this book has also led to him specifically requesting that we visit Buckingham Palace at the weekend. I don’t quite know how the palace fits into the story but my mum and I decided that it might be fun to take them up to see the Changing of the Guard on Sunday morning.

Any outing that involves both overground and underground trains was going to tick a few more boxes so it was a no-brainer.

Changing guard

While we were up in London we strolled through St James’ Park and stopped to watch the pelicans preening and carried on down to the palace of Whitehall to take in the impressive sight of two horse guards in full regalia.

JJ decided to borrow my camera at one point and did a bit of a mini David Bailey impression, with some not half bad results actually – another indication that he is developing new skills and confidence in areas which weren’t even on the radar until very recently.


He is also a little bit obsessed with the Euro football Championships and my mum has bought him a fill-in-yourself chart for his bedroom which he is really enjoying! I think he is learning a little bit about European geography, and it is fuelling his interest in sports which is great.

So all in all I definitely feel that he has turned a bit of a corner developmentally and long may it continue!

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