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Some people have a goal and they set their targets and never seem to take their eye from that sight, sometimes across months, sometimes years. I look at the way Reneé of Mummy Tries has pushed herself to get the book of her life (Become the Best You) written and published within what must have been one of the most challenging years (sleep deprivation anyone?) and I marvel. It takes a lot of self-belief to achieve something like that and it takes a lot of support

Goal setting seems to be a life strategy that allows people to continually feel that they are moving forwards to achieve something finite, something they can be proud of and cherish, then move on.

At the beginning of this year I read Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and it is true to say that one of her key points involves setting yourself goals, both short and long term. I don’t really ‘do’ New Years Resolutions but back in January I wrote down a couple of lists of things I ideally wanted to achieve during the course of the year. Unfortunately I have fallen far short of a lot of my own ideals – I really imagined that I would have produced a whole bunch of crocheted Christmas ornaments by now, for example, but in reality, I haven’t even managed to grasp the simplest of stitches and shelved the dream of giving Attic 24 a run for her money in favour of more mundane pursuits like birthday party planning and some very basic baking.

Sometimes I really do have to wonder what my goals are, if any. I constantly feel constricted by the dual demands of parenting and family life.

I guess the best place to start now is by looking back through the year and taking away all the positives – what I have achieved as opposed to what I haven’t, what has gone right and the things that have made me feel fulfilled. Then, once the Christmas chaos is done and dusted it will be time to think about realistic goals – perhaps I’ll stick to one a month – each of which has the potential to be achieved within the time I have available (outside of the normal constraints of being a wife and mother).

Achievements 2014

  • Finally found time to go for a couple of solo bike rides
  • Planned, organised and threw two very lovely birthday parties for the boys
  • Got over my fear of letting the kids loose with the craft supplies
  • Sourced some Pinterest projects I’d had my eye on for a while and created my own versions
  • Went self-hosted with the blog and set up this linky
  • Managed to have one final term-time holiday fling with the family before JJ started school
  • Improved my photography
  • Had the most fun writing posts like this or this which I feel vindicate my decision to blog in the first place (along with counting lots of new faces/voices amongst a group of new friends I have discovered through this enterprise)
  • And lastly, with the hubster, finally got our bathroom renovated.

What have you achieved this year?

24 thoughts on “The Truth about… Goals

  1. That’s a lovely list of achievements and definitely something to be proud of even if you didn’t manage to crochet lots of different Christmas ornaments too! Goal setting is great for helping encourage you to move forward and pursue dreams and after Christmas is a good time to take stock again and think about the goals you’d like to set yourself but it is also good to do what you’ve done here and look at what you’ve achieved too. Thank you for hosting #thetruthabout linky – it’s one I love linking to each week x
    Louise recently posted…Christmas fayre in memory of AmeliaMy Profile

    • I’m so glad that you and a few other people have been enjoying linking up to The Truth about… each week – it has really given my Tuesdays that little boost to read and share all these fab posts 🙂 I think it is really great to look on the positive side and think about what you have achieved as much as what you haven’t too Xx

  2. Beautiful post and well done on all your achievements!
    I finally achieved’s only taken 44 years lol
    I’m happy with who I am and no longer allow others to get to me. Hurrah! X
    mummyshambles recently posted…63 Not OutMy Profile

    • I’m glad you’ve achieved self acceptance this year – I think it is definitely becoming easier and easier to do as the years roll by – you just stop caring so much about being liked and what other people might think! Definitely reason to celebrate 🙂 Xx

  3. Love this post Sam, full of positivity. I think the main thing about goal setting is having realistic expectations of yourself, which you have done. I’m so pleased for you and hope you are proud of your achievements! Thanks so much for the mention hon xxx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…What Am I Writing?My Profile

    • Thanks Reneé! I guess I thought learning to crochet was realistic but how wrong was I?! 😉 Maybe 2015… You are most welcome for the mention, you are definitely inspirational as a woman and a blogger. Xxx

    • Aw! I think this should be a new thing – the end of year personal accomplishment round-up (not quite as catchy as ‘New Years Resolutions’ – I’ll have to work on that!). It was so lovely to meet you too Sian and who knows, once you are free of the shackles of work and the London commute maybe we can arrange a week-day playdate with the little ones. Xx

  4. I am too scared to look back at my list from January because I know for certain there are quite a few things I have not managed to tick off, namely getting better at recycling! I do think goals are important though. I always list a few before the start of a new year.
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…Can I Get Snapchat?My Profile

    • I have to admit that I haven’t actually physically looked at my list Suzanne! I know there were some fairly major house improvements that just never got done! I thought I’d have so much time to get it all done when I dropped my Tuesdays at work back in April but today is definitely testament to the fact that six hours is nowhere near enough to get everything done!! Xx

  5. I’m finally here on The Truth About! Hello!

    ….Ok, got that out of my system. Goals. You know what? I think that it is so important to make a list of goals. Even if you don’t achieve some, having achieved any of them is a positive. If you hadn’t set those goals out in the first place, would you have achieved the ones you did?

    I always say, “reach for the stars, and you may just hit the moon”. Ok, I don’t really say that, but I think it applies.
    Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…The Nonsense of ChristmasMy Profile

    • Yay Fiona, Welcome!! I never believed in New Years Resolutions before but I think goals are a bit different. I have always drifted along before but I think I will always try and make realistic goals from now on (ticking things off on lists is also very satisfying!) Xx

  6. Sounds like you had a pretty good year! I always seem to fall in the trap of setting way to many goals and/or overestimating how long a project will realistically take. I think goal setting is definitely a good thing, but only if you can be honest with yourself about your limitations! I also love the idea of taking a look at what you have already accomplished, this is something I do daily in my journals. It really helps to see your progress!
    Brandyn Blaze recently posted…The Truth About…Being A Much Older SisterMy Profile

    • Thanks Brandyn! I could see this post getting a bit negative and to be fair, that isn’t what The Truth about linky was meant to be – it’s fine to rant and open up about insecurities etc., but I think I’m learning to try and put a positive spin on (without the need for hiding the less than lovely bits!). It was really nice to end on a positive note and I’ll definitely do this again in future. Xx

  7. You’ve put together a great list, it sounds like you’ve had a good year!
    I think achievable goals are the way forward – rather than lofty dreams. Not that there’s anything wrong with having lofty dreams, but better to break them down into manageable chunks. They all add up in the end without making you feel like you’re failing at every turn.
    I wrote a list back in January and I’ve got to say it has been more successful than previous years. I think that is down to getting specific and making it manageable.
    Biggest success – starting my blog
    Least successful – curbing my Starbucks hot chocolate addiction (I’m still on one a day BUT I have switched to skinny!!)
    Great post!
    JoyandPops recently posted…Festive Family Smiles and StressesMy Profile

    • Oh sounds like you did the same thing as me back in January then! I think I probably wrote mine after reading The Happiness Project just because it was so motivational! I cut down on my Costa latte addiction too by making a few home-made ‘barista-style’ lattes instead which has saved some money if nothing else! I’m a bit in love with their Christmas Black Forest Hot Chocolates now though! X

  8. I don’t really ‘do’ New Years Resolutions either, not in the traditional list of things I must/must not do way. But I do like to have some overall goals or aspirations for the year. Having said that, I didn’t make any in January this year…! However, I think we’ve achieved quite a lot this year, and I definitely have some goals for next 🙂 You’ve done a lot, and all of them things to be proud of. And, it’s definitely good to loo back and be positive about the stuff you have done xx
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Truth About: Christmas as an expatMy Profile

    • I only really managed about two or three solo bike rides unfortunately – even though it had been my intention to go out once a week from April onwards! I found that the nice bike trails were a drive away and I don’t have a bike rack and research told me that my car would be best with a roof mounted rack which would have meant I would never have been able to get the blooming thing on and off without a lot of effort and trouble! I managed to cram it in the boot once or twice but that was a hassle too. Then I did a couple of rides near where I live but I felt very vulnerable in some of the quieter more isolated places. I have read that my borough is organising a cycle group for women next year though which allows you to ride together and not feel so nervous so I might get involved in that! I think keeping some people alive and staying sane are pretty important achievements you know? 🙂 Xx

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