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We went to see the movie The Secret Life of Pets at the weekend and it got me thinking about the subject in general. I particularly liked the bit where the cat lobs a ball with disdain for her two dog friends and they scatter just as a budgie picks up a laser pointer and the cat then goes crazy chasing the red dot. It’s so true! Cats love a laser dot!

It occurred to me recently that, despite not having pets ourselves, my kids actually know quite a collection of dogs (and a couple of cats) owned by family and friends.

I did go through a phase of worrying that by not having pets I am somehow depriving my children of some key element of childhood and coming of age – learning all those lessons about looking after another creature with care and consistency and also, in the end, learning about grief and coming to terms with the idea of life cycles.

My (soon to be ex) husband’s family are big dog lovers – my in-laws (out-laws now?) have a Yorkshire terrier and my sister in law has two of the same. Our next door neighbours have three pugs and we’ve been on dog walks with them lately. My cousin Robyn has a little Chihuahua (I think!) called Bubba.

My sister has two Tonkinese cats who are little characters. The children’s half sister has two whippets and they keep chickens in their back garden too. The husband’s new girlfriend has a Jack Russell called Marley and JJ says that not only does he have two mummies but he also has a ‘dog brother’ too #rollingeyeemoji.

So, yes, plenty of animals for the children to spend a bit of time around. Lately though, I’ve begun to wonder whether I might soften a bit on the animal front at some point. I have quite enjoyed the dog walks – having that reason to go out and get some air and exercise at the end of the day; some cute little faces; happy children…

Having said that I’m afraid I will never allow an animal with stinky breath to lick my face in bed (or anywhere!). So there’s that… Maybe I can see a stick insect somewhere in our future… Or maybe the snail that is hiding somewhere in our living room (see: silvery trails appearing on the carpet overnight) is good enough…

Do you think that pet ownership is a pre-requisite for childhood?



4 thoughts on “The truth about cats and dogs…

  1. We have pets and have always been animals lovers. There is however no delying that pets are alot of work and they cost more than it appears. Much like children, pets are expert mess makers. If a clean house is a priority, pets are not for you. As for the expense, sooner or later we all need medical intervention for something or other. The cost of this can be staggering. On the other hand, pets make life more interesting. Although our cats prefer to keep their distance from Peachy, she smiles at them every time she sees them. But Peachy is little and doesn’t know how to be gentle. The cats seem to sense this somehow and stay just out of reach. #thetruthabout

  2. We didn’t have pets – until I met Ross and then we acquired two cats. One was a nightmare (she died a couple of years ago) and the other is loving and gorgeous but doesn’t sit on our laps (the perfect cat to me!). Grace utterly loves animals and wants to become veterinary nurse. I think you either ‘get it’ or you don’t and I don’t think it matters either way whether you have pets or not if I am honest! Thanks for hosting xx
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  3. I don’t think that having pets is a pre-requisite for childhood, in fact pets would be impossible in my flat- unless of course it were a gold fish, but that would be a little boring.

    I used to have a beautiful siamese cat, but unfortunately he now lives with my ex because I am not allowed him in my flat. I get to feed the cat when my ex is on holiday though – lucky me!

    I do think it is important that children feel comfortable around animals – this doesn’t mean that you have to own them. Your two certainly sound comfortable with a variety of animals.

    Pen x
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  4. I absolutely do not believe pet ownership is a pre-requisite for childhood! We have a cat. It came with our marriage but truth be told, I would happily live without pets. It is, to be frank, yet another burden that you take on. My family are keen to have a dog but I’ve steadfastly refused knowing I’d be the one that ended up looking after it. When I grew up, we had: a goat, guinea pig, rabbit, three dogs, ferrets and goodness knows what else. I think this put me off animal ownership for life! Just my opinion, but don’t complicate your life further! Thanks for hosting #TruthAbout
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