To my mum…

I believe that the day I am writing this post is American Thanksgiving Day, so it’s appropriate that Sara at Mum Turned Mom has chosen the word ‘Thankful’ as her ‘Prompt’ this week.

I have lots of things to be thankful for – not least of which is the luck and privelege to be living in a first world country with all the wonderful (and easily taken for granted) benefits which are bestowed upon such a relatively small percentage of this world’s vast population.

As I write my two beautiful, healthy, happy little boys are asleep upstairs in warm beds with full tummies.

But I want to devote this post to my wonderful Mum. I know she doesn’t really read my blog or have much interest in the social media, but I want to put this out there anyway.

Before I had children, maybe I didn’t really appreciate all the things that my Mum had done for me over the years, but now? I have this almost overwhelming gratitude to her for what she has given of herself to me and my sister and our children.

The other day I had this memory of one of my bithdays when I was, I think, maybe 13. My sister and I had been sent on an ‘E.R.A’ holiday (like PGL holidays for kids without their parents) to Fordingbridge in the New Forest. Obviously my Mum knew that it would be my birthday while I was away and I would be with a lot of people I’d never met before. She sent me off with a big bag of gifts – not big gifts but lots and lots of little, individually wrapped presents – it must have been an arduous task to both source and wrap it all! I’ll never forget waking up and all the other girls gathering around as I unwrapped one perfect little item and then another and another. Despite her absence physically she was there with me.

I actually got quite emotional when I remembered this because I suddenly had this all encompassing feeling that I’d never be as good a mother myself.

She has been everything to me from life-giver, care-giver, to careers advisor and champion, best friend, birth partner – no-one will ever make me a better roast dinner, no-one will ever love me in quite the same way.

And since having JJ she has been a loving carer once a week to both of my children and travelled an hour and a half round trip each week to do so.

I know that I’ll never be able to thank my Mum enough for everything she’s done, and still does for me. But I want her to know that I am truly thankful.



12 thoughts on “To my mum…

  1. Ah that made me well up a little. I definitely agree that having children opens our eyes to just how much our own mums have done for us. My (fictional) prompt post this week definitely has echoes of the emotional clashes I had with my mum as a teenager but I’m glad to say we get on much better nowadays! I hope your mum reads this and sees how much she means to you xx
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…GratitudeMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for this Morgan – and for the re-tweet! I really have cried once or twice when I’ve thought about the implications of everything my mum has done for me (and my dad of course, but it’s my mum who has been so present in my life all the way through). Xx

  2. This is such a wonderful post Sam. I think you are absolutely right that we don’t realise quite what our mums did/do for us until we have children and can truly understand the all encompassing love and feelings of protection. I certainly didn’t fully appreciate how hard it must have been for my mum at times until I had my kids, and I am so thankful for all that she has done for me. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Prompt 45My Profile

    • Makes you realise how all-encompassing motherhood is and then look back and say, wow, someone did all this and more for me – this is a role model that I can only ever aspire to be. Xx

    • Motherhood is a pretty full-on part of life as a woman isn’t it? I’m glad to have the chance to truly appreciate what she did (and still does) for me. I really love her so much X

    • Oh she really is Elfa! I’m not saying she’s perfect – who is? – sometimes she has wound me up (as I’m sure I have her!) but as a mum? She is absolutely aces and I couldn’t do better if I tried. Xx

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