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The personality colour wheel

The other day at work I had an out of the ordinary ‘training’ session named ‘Insights’ which was essentially a way of looking at yourself and others and diagnosing what ‘type’ of personality you conform to and what type your colleagues do. You could say it was a bit like teaching your granny to suck eggs as we kind of all know what kind of person we are, but actually, it really made me think and accept certain things about myself. I am an introvert. I always have been, always will be. As the trainer said, we are born with certain traits within us and no amount of ‘nurture’ will change that (as evidenced by just how amazingly different any two siblings can be).

I have grown and changed and become more outspoken and less ‘shy’ with age – once you hit the big 4-0 (or even earlier) you just tend to stop being so bothered by what other people think or whether they like you. You understand that you can’t please all of the people and it’s different strokes, folks.

Having said that I know that I am still over-awed by certain situations. I used to wonder what it was about me that meant I had never felt like a true part of any friendship group of more than three people (myself included), but its obvious really – I’m not a ‘sunshine’ extraovert who can work the room, flitting social-butterfly stylee from one person to the next and acting as the keystone in everyone else’s arc. I find it hard to push myself forward into the limelight or be massively assertive. That’s frustrating because I can see so many benefits to becoming a self-confident person.

Another interesting point made at the session was the different ways in which different personality types choose to relax and re-energise. For an extraovert it is in seeking the company of others – even if only through long phone calls. For me it is being on my own, doing my thing whether it be reading, cooking, blogging or watching something on Netflix. It makes perfect sense to me that being in a big room (for example the venue for Britmums Live..) is something I will definitely enjoy and engage in but I will end the day feeling completely drained and need to seek the solace of solitude in order to get my mojo back.

We were reminded that all of us have all four elements on the wheel – the red “fiery” no bullshit leadership type, the yellow sunshine extrovert, the green (caring, down to earth, empathetic, sensitive) ones or the cool blue facts & figures, head leads heart people (the latter two being the introverts). We all have the ability to use any given colour on that scale when it’s called for but it will drain our energy a lot faster and leave us feeling wrung out.

It has also taught me a lot about how I am as a parent. I don’t get to come home from work and shut the world out to re-energise alone – I am, by necessity, expected to spend the following two or three hours interacting (in the very fullest sense of the word) with these little people I helped make. It has left me feeling frustrated and drained, I can admit that. But it makes sense. I know I will be sad when the children are less dependent on me and in turn need less cuddles and I stop hearing “you’re the best mummy in the world” on a regular basis, but I think for my personality type I might cope better as a person with the less needy years. Or maybe that is true of us all.

Anyhow I am now looking forward to the Britmums Live experience on Friday with both a huge amount of nerves and trepidation and a measured amount of excitement – but if you see me there, please be gentle!


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  1. Ah, I know Colour Insights well. As an introvert, you’ll be predominantly blue, green or a combination of the two – I’m almost equally blue and green.

    One of the big things Inisghts (or indeed any other type of personality profiling) reminds us of is that everyone is different, has different needs and responds in different ways. So what works for some people doesn’t work for others. It’s a remarkably simple lesson that I see people being ignorant of all the time. We are all individuals!
    Tim recently posted…Holding back the fearMy Profile

  2. This is brilliant. I am more blues & greens but want to be more yellows & reds. It’s a good way to try & expand yourself a bit more by trying out a bit more from the other colours. I want to be more sociable & fiery. I’m such an introvert but really need to start pushing outside of my comfort zone. xx


  3. I’ve done something like this at work too, and I’m very green with a touch of blue. I think the green side of me is my favourite side, although I do think it makes me fairly unambitious; I’m just “not bothered” about a lot of things that red people probably would be. The blue side is the side I would consider my most negative traits because I’m far too cautious.

    Really interesting read!


    Betty and the Bumps recently posted…Have you ever had one of those days โ€ฆ?ย My Profile

  4. This is fascinating. I’d be interested to know more about it (if you have any info). I’m a blue and green combination myself, which makes you and I an introvert in the best degree. I understand your sentiments about not having a bit of me-time. I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m not alone until 8 pm some days. I do find myself heaving a huge sigh of relief when I get into bed with my current read and a quiet room just to unwind from the day. I love my daughter, but a bit of me-time can’t hurt either. Thank you for sharing this bit of information, Sam. It’s very eye-opening. Have fun at Britmums this weekend!
    Maria recently posted…16 Things I Can’t Wait to do with My Daughter {A Mother-Daughter Bucket List}My Profile

    • Thanks Maria! I’m in the middle of Britmums and definitely finding the non stop social side both fun and hard work!! I think you can look up this insights thing – it’s a Myers-Briggs personality analysis (I’m not sure the official wording of that but if you google Myers Briggs and personality types you will probably find some interesting stuff). X

  5. There’s a similar test called the Hartman Personality Profile that uses 4 colors also that Phillip’s family talks about ALL the time. He’s a white, which corresponds to the blue on your chart, and so is his dad. They will have the shortest, most to-the-point conversations and we’ll just say, “And that’s what happens when two whites talk to each other!”
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…What Do Real Moms Do?My Profile

    • Ah good to know that they will still need cuddles for a few more years! I’m at Britmums this weekend and although it is nice to have certain freedoms I do miss the boys. I think one of the things this weekend will do is remind me why I wanted children in the first place and why family time is actually my favourite.

  6. OOohhh Its so hard to say what color I am but I will just go with blue and red! I agree that when you are older you get the confidence that you lack before.

    I have attended my first blog camp last last week and it was the most amazing experience I had. I feel at home. Britmums is bigger and I wish I can attend. But I know you will have most fun so enjoy =)

    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Empty BeachesMy Profile

  7. I love doing this kind of thing because it really does help to understand ourselves better and more importantly, how to navigate life well. I touched on this the other day in a post because having done Myers Briggs, it identified me as being an extrovert. BUT I do seek solace and relaxation in being alone, whether it be reading, walking or blogging. I think there’s definitely a sliding scale. Very interesting post and clearly an interesting exercise for you. Enjoy Britmums!
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  8. I LOVE this chart! It’s so spot on. I think I’m a yellow but with plenty of green. Whereas my son is red with yellow. I think that’s why we get on so well as we don’t clash, we compliment each other. Life with small children is exhausting, I look back and wonder how I did it, especially on my own most of the time. Now Seb is 9, I find him a delight and our time together is just awesome. It really does get easier ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing this. xx
    teacuptoria recently posted…Why I didnโ€™t go to Britmums LiveMy Profile

    • Yep, I reckon with a sunshiny, caring personality you would fit in great at Britmums! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy time with your son so much now he is older – I just hope, with two, that mine don’t gang up on me!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Xx

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