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Last Friday was the last day of the half term holidays and the only day of the holidays that we were all going to be together as a family. I hadn’t really had a plan in mind but then I remembered that months ago I’d bought Zizzi vouchers using £20 worth of Tesco Clubcard coupons and knew that they were due to expire in February. I looked up the email I’d received and sure enough, I bought them back in August 2014 and basically forgotten all about them! I ran the lunch idea past the hubster and it was a no-brainer. Normally we like to have lunch out with the children but our budget mostly stretches to somewhere like McDonalds or Wetherspoons so it was a bit of a treat to rock up to the Farnham Zizzi instead (not least because I adore Italian food!).

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I have to admit I was a bit nervous as we took our seats. At the age of two and a half I don’t think we would have taken JJ to a ‘proper’ restaurant because he just refused to stay put at a dining table for more than five minutes and I would’ve spent the entire time chasing him up stairs and between the tables of ‘respectable’ folks (ie non-parents) trying to have a nice quiet meal. It hadn’t really occurred to me what EJ would be like but by that point it was too late to turn back!

It had been my intention to show the waitress my Clubcard email as we arrived just to check it was all OK, but as I did so I accidentally managed to swipe it to I knew not where! Panic then set in as I spent the next 15-20 minutes desperately attempting to discover what had happened to my ticket to £40 worth of food!

Eventually, and with a huge sigh of relief, I retrieved the email and immediately got the hubster to write down the codes using one of the kids crayons and a napkin! Phew! During this period EJ had been a bit fussy and insisted that I sat next to him so that two of us were taking up one side of a square table together. To be honest though, he was really great after that, while we waited for our food and while we ate.

The children’s ‘Bambini’ menu was great – for £6.75 they both received a little colourful plastic cup filled with carrot, cucumber and dough sticks which they tucked into (well, the bread at least and EJ had a try of the cucumber and ate some of the carrots). Then they opted for a margharita pizza each (EJ loved the stringy mozzarella!) and then for dessert they had a choice of ice cream flavours and opted for the two scoops with mini sugar cones and popping candy to sprinkle. The price also includes a ‘chocacino’ to finish.

Hubster had a pizza too and I had a Spaghetti Carbonara and afterwards the yummiest Tiramisu (which EJ managed to snaffle half of!). As you can see from the pics, the children were also given colouring menus with crayons and their own chef’s hats to decorate with a sheet of stickers. They also got balloons which always makes them happy! Unfortunately it was after the main course that EJ discovered he could get down from the table, wander about a bit (mostly into the lobby area fortunately, so not a menace to anyone!) and then attempt to climb on tables! Hubster and I knocked our lattes back quick at that point!

All in all, I would definitely take the kids to Zizzi again – lovely surroundings (the Farnham branch is tucked in between lovely old buildings and boasts original exposed beams inside), a very reasonable childrens menu and some fun activities all make for happy kids. Next time I might consider taking the tablet along – apparently there is free wifi – so that they have something to keep them entertained between courses!

(This is not a sponsored post or review – we just happened to visit Zizzi and I wanted to share my thoughts)

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