Treats, trials and tribulations

EJ Penguin

I haven’t been able to write too much lately – life has been completely knackering and if I’m going to write then my optimum time seems to be mid-morning which is really unfortunate due to the fact that I am rarely unoccupied mid-morning. However I have managed to find a few things to love lately.

My favourite programmes recently have been: the BBC3 comedy Cuckoo with Greg Davies who is brilliant (and also used to teach drama at my old secondary school! [way after my time I should add]). I just love the silliness of it all – all the characters are written so well; Happy Valley – so sad it’s over already, another tour de force performance from Sarah Lancashire; The Voice UK – I know, I know, so predictable of me but I enjoy this so much more than something like X Factor, although now it’s going to the live shows it remains to be seen if the natural talent will survive duff song choices. I think Boy George has turned out to be a pretty good judge as far as I’m concerned, I have agreed with most of his choices although Ricky has the best team in my opinion – Kevin Sim’s performance of Chandelier is definitely going to be one of the series highs; and Thirteen – another BBC drama series, this time the story of a girl who was snatched from the streets by a man who kept her hostage in his cellar for 13 years before she manages to escape. It’s not quite as straightforward as it sounds though as the details of what actually happened behind those four walls gradually emerges.

Musically, well I’ve had plenty of time to listen to the radio lately what with my new series of ridiculously long commutes. I’ve been enjoying the new Ariana Grande song Dangerous Woman, Me Myself and I by G-Easy and Bebe Rexha (the ‘ba ba ba bada ba’ hook got me & EJ having a little mummy/son singalong the other day!) and Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots (just love the lyrics and the catchiness!).

Reading wise I have started a new thriller called Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin but again I have had very little time or energy to read and when I start reading in bed at night I don’t usually manage much more than a page or two before I’m out like a light!

The kids have been entertaining us with various antics. There have been some bouts of sickness including the day JJ told his little brother that if he found himself being sick while we were out he should just “swallow it down”. I have also had the misfortune to witness projectile vomit landing on my laptop and the dashboard/footwell of my car, plus I’ve trodden in fox poo and sat in numerous traffic jams (a pox on March roadworks and local government budget balancing!).

JJ and EJ are still complete mentalists come bedtime – there’s something about the clock striking 6pm that seems to send them into a chaotic, bouncing, wrestling, shouting, splashing, racing, giggling whirlwind – essentially the very antithesis of ‘calm’. The other day after I got EJ out of his bath and sat him on a towel on my bed he somehow tipped backwards which caused much hilarity and prompted him to ask me to continuously flip him off the towel. His speech is still not clear all the time and he said something which sounded very much like ‘do it again mummy, do The Hairy Toe.’ Now the act of flipping someone off a towel is officially to be referred to as ‘The Hairy Toe’.

In recent weeks JJ has had World Book Day and Sport Relief at school as well receiving a glowing end of term report (well, except for the maths bit but I think we can safely blame the government’s new targets for that). EJ is also doing really well and is generally relatively easy to handle for a three year old. He knows his own mind though – during the World Book Day costume hunt he insisted on being a penguin (see above!) – not quite sure why but it was incredibly cute!

Now it’s Easter and I’m so looking forward to a bit of sunshine, warmer weather, outdoors adventures and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate…

Thanks for reading and have yourselves a merry little Easter!

PS – I’ve decided to link up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for the first time in ages but I can’t decide what word works best so I’ll just stick to Treats, Trials and Tribulations! Plus it’s a bit of a cheat as this is more of a round up of the last couple of weeks 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Treats, trials and tribulations

  1. I linked for the first time this week too! Sounds like you’ve had some great memories here – not least the Hairy Toe! We used to do that towel flipping thing with the kids, in fact we used to swing them in a towel after every bath. They loved it. I’ve not heard of Thirteen, sounds like one I need to search for on iplayer.
    Suzanne recently posted…Take 5: No Point in Crying over Spilt CappuccinoMy Profile

  2. I love penguins, and I think that is possibly the cutest penguin that I have ever seen! Penguin from the Oliver Jeffers’ books?! I’m not keen on the sound of the projectile vomit and fox poo incidents, but The Hairy Toe sounds fun! I think you’re spot on about The Voice and I love Cuckoo, too, great show. I’d spotted that book in Waterstones recently and thought it looked good, always hard when you’re too tired to read, though! And well done to JJ at school x Thanks for joining in again with #WotW, lovely to have you.
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  3. Sounds busy but fun. I’ve been watching The Voice out of sync with everyone else because I’m reviewing it 3-4 days ahead – but now we’re at the live stages I’m on the same time as everyone else, which I rather enjoy. I’ve come to quite like Boy George, whereas Paloma Faith has consistently wound me up. Given that the show’s audience loves ‘stories’, I find it hard to see anyone other than Jordan Grey or Cody Frost winning, but we’ll see.

  4. Like you, if I read in bed I’m out like a light in no time at all, I’ve even tried going to bed an hour earlier, but I’ve just had a longer sleep! Also, like you, my kids seem to get really wound up just before bedtime when they really should be calming down.
    I love The Hairy Toe game 🙂

  5. Sounds like a full on time at the moment for you! I love Thirteen, my OH put me onto it and I watched 3eps in one day! Need to get out more!
    Have a fab Easter xxx

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