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This week I have mostly been whistling through Sleep Tight which I have mentioned before. I’m having one of those problem weeks where everything I’ve done has just been a continuation of what I already started and posted about previously – blog fail!


Again I haven’t really discovered anything new this week – I’m keeping up with The Voice blind auditions, still making my way through Walking Dead Season 4 and actually, that’s about it.


I am really loving Sugar by Maroon 5 at the moment – it’s cheesy but it makes me want to smile and sing along which can only be a good thing!
For some reason I also re-discovered my old Gorillaz album Demon Days this week – I still really love Feel Good Inc. I have also heard quite a lot of my own voice attempting to sing EJ to sleep at bedtime. I tend to scroll through the same four songs and I wanted to widen my repertoire a little with Amazing Grace and The Skye Boat Song but I can never remember the lyrics so I looked them up on You Tube. This version of Amazing Grace made me well up a bit! (I still can’t remember the lyrics)…


Again – nothing particularly memorable, work clothes, leggings and uggs.


My happiness shelf

Here I get a little bit more excited about my week because I suddenly discovered this whole new fascination with home décor and actually took action to improve one very small corner of my cluttered home. I made myself a little ‘happiness space’ which is essentially a shelving alcove with some pretty things and all my happiness books. I still have to make time to source a good picture of the boys to get printed for the big frame and I may need something extra to make the wall look less like blank space? But I do love it!


It’s been a decidedly quiet, unremarkable week to be honest – the weather and chilly temperatures have kept us indoors – the thought of even braving soft play during half term has left me cold. JJ had his first play date without me at the house of one of his school friends which went well. We spent an entire day watching movies (which gave me some time to read some blogs/a bit more of my book, and last Friday we went bowling and had lunch out. I had a brief couple of nights thinking that Toy Story 3 might have set off the night terrors in EJ (!) but his sleep seems to be back to normal again thank goodness! Not much else to report – I think I must make more effort next week! Have a great weekend Little Loves!

17 thoughts on “#shelfies, Gorillaz and laying low #littleloves

  1. Oh Sam, I can totally sympathise with the night terrors! Both my older two are dreadful with them. We went to see Big Hero 6 in the cinema the other day and I was a bit concerned they’d be up after that! I love your shelfie, as you know, and the Gorillaz track made me smile – such a blast from the past! 🙂 Have a great weekend lovely lady xx

    • I think I might have jumped the gun thinking he had night terrors because it literally only lasted for two nights and it was possible to soothe him but then he’d wake up crying again five minutes later for a couple of hours. I think I might have started a bit of a trend with my little happiness shelf – which coincidentally, makes me very happy 🙂 I could definitely do with sprucing up more than one corner of my home but, baby steps you know? X

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