My 50 Happy Things

I’m a bit late to the party here and also ashamed to say that I was tagged for this nearly a month ago by lovely Caroline over at Diary of a Mum of 3 but April has been a bit of weird one for me with regards blogging and an awful lot of things have been put on a back burner. I love being able to make lists like this though – sometimes it can be a bit of a wake up call when you start to feel like you are sleepwalking through life. So without further ado here are my own ‘Fifty Happy Things’:


1. My boys
2. Cream teas
3. Writing in my Happiness Journal
4. Early sunny summer mornings
5. Writing
6. Daydreaming
7. Tuesdays
8. Retail therapy
9. Hot towel facials
10. The memory of my beautiful water birth
11. Roses, tulips, stocks and lizianthums
12. Skiing
13. Mason jars
14. Bunting and fairy lights
15. My red sparkly ‘Dorothy’ shoes
16. Vintage
17. Watching my gorgeous five year old do his silly walks and slapstick physical humour
18. Old episodes of Laurel and Hardy
19. Going to the cinema
20. My ‘Desert Island’ movies
21. Transformations
22. Good hair days
23. Getting 8 hours sleep
24. Rockpooling
25. Exploring medieval castles
26. Playing tennis (badly!)
27. Singing my two year old to sleep
28. Travel
29. Listening to my favourite songs
30. Getting wrapped up in a really good series – be it podcast or TV – and anticipating the next installment
31. Reading a really good book
32. Family gatherings
33. Making new friends and hanging out with old friends
34. Waterslides and rollercoasters
35. My Mum’s Sunday roasts
36. Amaretto
38. Escapism
39. Making lists (and then achieving everything on them!)
40. Receiving genuine compliments
41. Theatre trips
42. Watching my two year old running and squeezing his chubby little thighs
43. Instagramming
44. Seeing my children take developmental and educational leaps forward and realising that my five year old is capable of sensitivity, thoughtfulness, kindness and a lot of love
45. Avocados and prawns
46. My holiday memories
47. Snaughling
48. Enjoying the fruits of your labours – whatever they may be
49. Discovering new passions
50. Costa chocolate twists


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15 thoughts on “My 50 Happy Things

  1. Oh I love this Sam! You sound like my sort of girl, maybe one day we’ll get to share a cream tea whilst sipping Amaretto underneath pretty bunting…what a day that would be. I have also been tagged to do this and it’s on my ‘tag list’ to catch up on, I have three tags remaining but hardly get any time. I’ll get round to them soon! Much love xxx
    teacuptoria recently posted…Success for SebMy Profile

    • That sounds pretty lovely Tor! I have to admit I have let a few tags slip in my time and I do feel a bit bad about it but it can be time consuming! A lovely way to find out more about each other though. Xx

    • It is cheering isn’t it?! I noticed that a lot of people have a lot of very similar things that make them happy so I’m glad I wrote mine without reading to many first otherwise I would’ve felt like I was copying! Hope you’re having a great weekend too Xx

    • You must have seen my ‘Dorothy’ shoes at some point Louise?! I feel like I’m continually mentioning them! There is a bit of a graphic version on the feet of my own Dorothy cartoon in my header – in fact those shoes inspired the whole ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme! Glad you are another lover of the best food & drink too 🙂 X

    • I think we all kind of identify with a lot of these things – that’s the impression I’ve got from reading other peoples’ lists anyway! Thanks for hosting X

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