Love the Little Things 21.11.14


Nothing but blog posts! I don’t think I’m going to be finding much of a window to open a book now til January what with the rapid approach of Christmas, and the children staying awake and making demands some nights as late as 9pm due to 5 year old’s cough and 2 year old appearing to go through a transition from napping and still sleeping nicely at night, to napping and not wanting to sleep at bedtime.
Favourite blog posts this week: Amy from 2 Boys 1 Mum’s House Pregnancy, Jo from Not a Frumpy Mum’s More than Just a Target, and Emma from Brummymummyof2’s 13 Views from the Parenting Frontline.

I also read something which shouldn’t have affected me I know, but really did – my Tots100 score for November. I don’t know if my score was particularly adversely affected by going self-hosted, or whether I’m actually just getting more s**t but I know that I’ve put my heart and soul into the blog in the past month and seeing just about every other blogger I know and love happily bobbing about somewhere in the top 500 I wonder just what I’m doing to be so far off that number (particularly when I was so close last month?). If anyone has any words of wisdom (other than the usual ‘just enjoy it’ or ‘the stats don’t reflect true quality’ etc) then I would love to read them.

What I have enjoyed reading was several people telling me they love the way I write after I posted The Unplanned Weekend to my Truth about linky on Tuesday. That kind of comment really does make me happy!


I watched The Apprentice of course. Is it just me or do those tasks they are set – particularly the creative ones – make them seem like a bunch of clueless college students cobbling together quite a laughable facsimile of the real thing? I finally got around to watching the first four episodes of The Missing too after reading about it from several of you on Little Loves. It really is as good as you promised – lots of reveals and questions to be answered too. I’m also still enjoying The Fall.


I have heard the Foo Fighters Something from Nothing a couple of times on the radio this week and to begin with I was enjoying it – I like the first half, but I absolutely hate the second half! It all goes a bit pear-shaped for me for about the last minute and a half 🙂 It confirms to me very clearly that I am NOT a rock chick and never will be : – )


Christmas tops

I haven’t exactly worn these yet, but I bought myself this couple of Christmassy tops which I’m loving! You can tell that I don’t do labels as one is from Tesco & one from Sainsburys! I’m not normally a Christmas jumper kind of girl, but I think these two are acceptable versions of the kind of knitted extravaganza that has fallen into favour in recent years!


Brassica bucket

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I’ve been blog stalking Emma of Littlewood Life again and nicked another one of her fab ideas! I adored her brassica in a tin bucket so I put together my own version and I love it so much! Thanks Em! I got into the autumn spirit at the weekend too, and made this little picture (JJ helped with the glueing!) which I’m actually quite pleased with (I won’t hold my breath with the Turner Prize nomination just yet, mind!).

Autumn tree pic


I’m finally starting to have some ideas about things I’d like to make this year for gifts, but not so much what to buy! I’ve now got my work cut out for me gathering craft materials (might just invest in that glue gun after all 😉 )

Happy weekend Little Loves! X



16 thoughts on “Love the Little Things 21.11.14

  1. I would LOVE any tips on how to improve my rating :-(. I am sure you have just dropped because of the fact that you have just gone self-hosted. Your blog is fab and lovely to read!

    Love the flowers. I might have to try and make something similar. Any excuse to buy flowers 🙂

    Have a good week

    Em x

  2. Some fab little loves there, I love the Christmas tops and the flowers 🙂 I’m the same as you with the Tots 100 score, I can’t seem to break into the top 500 no matter how hard I try, infact the couple of times that I’ve had a months break from blogging have been the times I got my best scores! I just don’t understand how it works :/ xxx
    Emma Kershaw recently posted…Love The Little Things #4My Profile

    • Thanks Emma! Mm I’m still trying to understand how this Tots metrics thing works too – mine seem to have shot up back in June & July and I’m wracking my brain to try and remember just what I did that was so great at that point 🙂 X

  3. I hear so many people talking about their scores on TOTS100. Mine actually took a big hike this month but nothing major. I hear them say it’s all relative to what has happened on other peoples scores in comparison. Try not to focus on it as the efforts you have been putting in may make a difference over say a 3 month period. x
    life as our little family recently posted…Little LovesMy Profile

  4. Thank you so much do the mention lovely, very sweet of you. It is so easy to be disheartened when you see your tots score and you’re allowed to feel disappointed when you’ve worked so hard and don’t see it pay off. Have a brew and keep your fingers crossed it goes up next time. It’s all a mystery anyway as to how exactly it works anyway.
    I’ve been out this week and bought a Xmas jumper although not entirely sure whether to keep it or return. I’ll give it a week to think it over.
    Have a lovely week xxx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…Love The Little Things #47My Profile

    • You’re most welcome for the mention hon! Very level-headed advice there on the whole Tots thing too 🙂 I agree I’m not saying my christmas tops are the most amazing items I’ve ever bought (and I’m still not sure whether I’ll get on with the mohair!) but I’m willing to give them a go (and they were relatively cheap too 🙂 ) X

  5. I wish I could tell you why re: TOTS 100, but I’m still clueless to the text things when it comes to blogging!! Love the flowers, I stalk Emma on a daily basis… day we will have the same house (or so I keep telling myself!!) have a fab weekend xxx

  6. Its really hard not to get disheartened with the Tots score, especially as it fills you twitter feed with over excited bloggers {who are in there right mind to!} But I dropped over 600 places a few months ago, and it hit me hard and gave me such a sting, makes me feel completely useless! Love the christmas jumpers and I absolutely love the Foo Fighters! Good song choice!!
    Anna-Marie recently posted…Moo and Her Hearing…My Profile

  7. As I said on IG, I think I love your flowers more than mine! 🙂 Just beautiful! I hope you’ve been reassured by everyone’s comments on the Tots thing lovely – I’m debating going self-hosted too and am preparing myself for the plummeting scores as a result! I bought a Christmas jumper this week too – words I never thought I would write!! 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday gorgeous lady xx

    • I’m so loving my flowers Em! Now the lilies are coming out they’re looking even more stunning – thanks so much for giving me the idea to do this – I splashed out a bit treating myself but no-one ever buys me flowers (well I could probably count the times I’ve been given flowers on two hands!) so if it’s not me then who? Also they make me happy every time I look at them so that’s worth every penny!! It is interesting to know that going self-hosted can have such an effect on your scores – it sounds like if you keep the same name though it’s not so bad? Looking forward to seeing your Christmas jumper 🙂 Hope you’ve had a fab weekend Xx

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