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Its funny how, as you get older, you discover and accept more and more about yourself and who you are.

I realised recently that I’m a sucker for anything that brings transformations and for that reason my favourite times of year have to be spring and autumn. I guess this is very much a geographic thing as well because there are certainly places in the world where these seasons might slip past without note, but in the UK spring brings that most wonderful introduction of colour back into the world, with the blooming of huge golden daffodil patches and lush little bright green leaves unfurling on the trees. There is a sense of relief that light and warmth and the ability to spend more time outdoors are within reach.

The Easter celebration (from the point of view of a complete pagan) means that lambs are being born and chicks are hatching, and for me, this symbolises the new year – not January 1st when the ground is frozen and the dark damp branches of seemingly lifeless trees stand in stark silhouette against the grey sky.

Equally, autumn is a time when change is all around. I’m almost more entranced by the stunning colours of turning leaves – the vibrancy of the candy-apple reds and burnished golds – than I am by the spring flowers. And I love the little flurry of activities that accompany this short-lived season – conker collecting, pumpkin carving and fireworks. An excuse to update your wardrobe and show off a layered look that only works when the temperature wavers in the middle of the dial.


I understand people loving summer. I love summer with its long light days, warmth and sunshine, al fresco dining and proms in parks. But it’s not my favourite because it can feel relentless at times – when a heatwave keeps you awake at night for weeks on end (seems unlikely in England but it has been known!), or the kids become restless three weeks into the holidays, or you realise that there hasn’t been a single interesting programme on TV for months.

But winter? Never. Christmas – yes, but that is not winter, that is a festival of light which is celebrated from early autumn onwards nowadays, and it brings joy to an otherwise cold dark season. But come January there seems to be nothing good to say about the way the world feels (unless it’s your birthday of course but that’s something I can’t personally comprehend as I’m an August baby!). I think the thing that winter-ites don’t seem to acknowledge is the effect of the darkness – Seasonal Affective Disorder wasn’t a term coined for no reason.

Give me April showers and Easter egg painting or a pumpkin spiced latte and some leaf kicking any day!



15 thoughts on “My favourite season

  1. Spring is my favourite time of the year – probably followed by summer and then autumn. I do love how pretty autumn is and the changes that both spring and autumn bring but I always feel a little sad in the autumn at another summer being over. Agree with you that the year feels ‘new’ in the springtime rather than at New Year 🙂
    Louise recently posted…The Friday Focus – 31/10/14My Profile

    • It does doesn’t it? It feels counter-intuitive to call January ‘new’ year. I tend to find myself making ‘resolutions’ almost subconsciously in April because it does feel like the right time to start new things! I guess late Autumn (like November) is the point at which that little bit of sadness about the coming gloom and darkness kicks in for me… X

  2. I’m an autumn fan myself – especially one like we’re having this year! I love Christmas best of all and if we get some decent snow I think winter can be magical. You’re right about January though. Jan and Feb – urgh.#theprompt
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…ghost storyMy Profile

    • I think it was quite hard not to just pick autumn this week considering the wonderful season we are having this year with mild temperatures and sunshine making all the leaf-kicking and conker gathering doable! I can’t actually believe it’s getting up to 21 degrees C and sunny today – 31st October!! 🙂 Sunshine and blues skies also enhance the changing leaves and make them appear to actually be emitting light – it’s really beautiful! I have to admit though I’m not a huge fan of the snow ever since it stuck me at home with a colicky four month old baby!! 🙂 X

    • Thanks Sian! They are lovely seasons aren’t they? I know you’re a big Christmas fan though – I have to admit Christmas for me isn’t the magical time it was when I was a child – too much stress trying to make everyone else happy these days! Xx

  3. Am a Spring baby myself, so definitely count that time of year as my favourite, when I come back to life after the long, dark, winter. I’ve loved autumn too, as a breath of fresh air after summer’s heat. Lovely writing. So glad to have found your blog #Prose4T
    Emily Page recently posted…Heavy the Weight in my HeartMy Profile

  4. Completely agree Sam 🙂 I do like the warmth of summer, but I prefer Autumn as a season for all the other things that go hand in hand with it. Spring and Autumn are times of change, and like you, I like times of transformation x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt and apologies for being a bit late commenting, Halloween and my in-laws arriving scuppered yesterday!
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Country Kids: Our HalloweenMy Profile

  5. Autumn is so beautiful. Although I think we were all in that mindset. maybe?
    Winter is too dark and cold (it’s getting that way now and I don’t like it – hood up and coat on in the house? Pah!)
    Lovely post – love how you’ve highlighted the seasons which bring about transformations. I think we forget that nature is doing something behind the scenes all the time, x
    Chrissie (@rantybeast) recently posted…Prose for Thought – SertralineMy Profile

    • I totally agree that we were all in the Autumnal mindset! I guess it speaks volumes that we have ‘Springwatch’ and ‘Autumnwatch’ on TV but not Summer or Winter – it’s like everything has bedded in (or died!) by the time we get into those two seasons! X

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