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Things have gone a bit haywire lately and all the usual reading materials have been somewhat abandoned (albeit that I have still read plenty of great blog posts and one too many Christmas Gift Guides!). I have been reading loads of Christmas stories with the kids at bedtime and we’re still loving Santa comes to <insert name of our town> that I bought last year – it makes Christmas feel really real to be talking about Santa landing in real places just around the corner from where we live!

I also read a quote from Carl Sagan at work of all places as the head of my organisation put it on her latest blog – entitled ‘Pale Blue Dot’ – a reminder that we are but a tiny fragment of the universe in space and time so we should make it count and always be humbled by both the significance of our actions and the insignificance of our place in the scheme of cosmological forces. Admittedly this was pretty deep stuff for a Thursday morning in the office but, given my recent thoughts about celebrating the world and our place in it in a very Humanistic way it was very apt. I like the fact that, instead of that usual liturgical reminder of the religious significance of Christmas (outside of my belief system) and without referring to the season, our Head of Operations has shared something which feels more significant to the present and future than it does to the past.

I now have the beginnings of quite a reading list lined up for 2016, including Cosmos, Freakonomics and a book called You Are Not So Smart which looks into all the ways that we delude ourselves on a daily basis.


This is such a great time of year for TV! I am still loving Strictly, Masterchef and the Apprentice – all of which are getting really intense now in their final ‘best of the best’ stages. I also have lined up Tuesday’s Luther – so excited to see Idris Elba back on our screens (!) and I watched a bit of Robert Zemeckis’s animated version of A Christmas Carol while I was wrapping presents on Saturday afternoon to get me in the festive mood.

Whilst it didn’t happen this week just gone, the week before I had the magical experience of watching my little 6 year old performing as the third Innkeeper (the one with the stable!) in his school nativity and the day after his little brother as a snowflake in the pre-school Christmas sing-a-long which was, as ever, just adorable. Next week I shall be looking forward to watching the progress of the International Space Station on Christmas Eve after missing it last year!


There are some great songs out there at the moment, I’ve particularly been enjoying Delilah by Florence and the Machine. I also heard a thrash metal version of ‘Last Christmas’ by Slaves in the Radio 1 Live Lounge which I absolutely hated!!


It was Christmas Jumper day in the office on Wednesday so I dug out my doe-eyed red-nosed reindeer T. The staff Christmas meal at TGIs on Saturday saw a bunch of us sporting some rather attractive #jingleeffect headgear, modelled here by my children in the aftermath. I would also like to attempt to start up a new fashion trend akin to ripped jeans – chipped nail varnish? Just one little attitude adjustment could see this look being all the rage (which would be immensely satisfying to someone of my limited nail polishing – and maintenance – skills : – ) )


I made a start on my wrapping – and I finished it! Phew – huge, huge sigh of relief. Tuesday was such a manic day trying to do all my wrapping, cards, last minute shopping and charity shop run to make space in the various toy storage boxes for the influx of new stuff as well as all the usual cooking, cleaning and tidying – and all in the five hours between dropping the kids off and rocking up at our local church for the infant school Christmas service at 2pm. My head was spinning!


I have to give special mention (commendation even!) to my mum for offering to have the boys overnight last Friday and Saturday (and all day Saturday of course). Not only did it allow me to get started on my wrapping and breathe a sigh of relief but I also got to have two nights out in a row! I went to the cinema on the Friday with a friend to see Christmas With the Coopers which I enjoyed more than I thought I would and a couple of drinks afterwards, then my staff Christmas do as mentioned above on Saturday which saw me break out the old ruby slippers – inevitably leading to someone asking if I could tap my heels together three times because they’d always wanted to visit Kansas… My dad and I then took the boys to NT property Ham House near Richmond on Sunday morning where they ran around the grounds following a Christmas trail, made paper lanterns and visited with Santa (again!).So here we are – lots achieved, lots to look forward to. I just hope that we get to spend a bit more time with the hubster – he has been working so hard lately and we haven’t seen a lot of him. In the meantime, I raise a glass of mulled wine to all of you and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Happy weekend Little Loves!


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  1. Love the Pale Blue Dot and your thoughts on it, real food for thought! I always like to hear a little something that brings the big picture into focus. Also your reading list for 2016 sounds fab, I hope you’ll write some more about the books once you’ve finished them. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

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