Catastrophe, London Theatre and Elementary Art #littleloves

Robin Schulz Sugar


The Cuckoo's CallingSince I last posted I’m afraid to say that I haven’t really picked up The Life You Want again – BUT! – I have started reading the book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott which is an interesting read if you have ever had any desire to be a writer and what to expect (and not to expect!). I also saw that JK Rowling had the third in her crime trilogy (written under pen name Robert Galbraith) out and I was intrigued so I have bought the first in the trilogy, The Cuckoo’s Calling, on my Kindle and started that too. Needless to say I’m not really getting anywhere fast with any of them but it is good to have something to turn to should the telly selection suddenly taper off, however:


Catastrophe series 2

It is pretty full on for me at the moment what with Strictly, Masterchef, The Apprentice, and You’re Fired plus I’m catching up with the second series of Catastrophe on 4oD which is hilarious. I have to mention this week’s Apprentice – not to give a spoiler or anything but thank God the right person was kicked out finally and what a dramatic turn of events!

I mustn’t forget to mention the two children’s plays we have been to see at the theatre recently too – I’ve reviewed I Want My Hat Back and Tiger Who Came To Tea if you want to know more.


I have been loving Robin Schulz Sugar this week – it’s so catchy but I always seem to pick songs with the oddest videos. Having said that how bloody cool is the poster for this (above) – totally reminds me of the Syd Brak posters we used to get from Athena in the 80s (showing my age here!).


My Tesco PJs

Nothing to report on this front really – boots, skirts, dresses, leggings, skinny jeans, coats, scarves. Oh I do have one new thing to report – some lovely PJs from Tesco – I’m loving their brushed cotton check pattern bottoms and casual T-shirt combo – the photo above is a rubbish low light one so you can’t see the silver thread running through the pattern which is a nice Christmassy touch.


JJ's rocket picture

I haven’t really made anything this week but JJ created this cute rocket picture which was then framed by his school for their art gallery evening. It is a way for the school to raise money and throw a social event with tombolas and raffles too. We managed to win a can of coke, a can of diet coke, our fifth chocolate advent calendar and some dubious party bag tat from the tombola but it kept JJ happy!


Boys on train into London

Going up to London and seeing the boys experiencing it all for the first time was really lovely for me – other than a couple of temporary work contracts in Waterloo and Parliament Square and my Masters degree year at City near Angel I only ever really think of central London as somewhere to go to do and see amazing things – it’s ever changing, dynamic, full of culture and art and theatre and amazing food and jaw dropping architecture plus lets not forget very vivid history. We barely touched the sides of this but this little theatrical beginning has brought a smile to my face. I’m so thankful to my Mum for thinking to book I Want My Hat Back at the National’s temporary theatre – it was brilliant!

So many things to look forward to in the coming weeks – I just need to get myself organised!!

Have a fab weekend Little Loves X


10 thoughts on “Catastrophe, London Theatre and Elementary Art #littleloves

  1. Looks lovely your trip to london and taking your boys. I really want to take my two especially during the holidays I bet it’s beautiful. Little nervous with what’s going on to be in the busy city but someday maybe a little older. Go you for doing it though. Amazing. Great experience for them too. I haven’t heard of catastrophe will have to check it out. Still watching How to get away with Murder on netflix. lol Hope you have a lovely weekend. #littleloves

    • Prepare yourself for Catastrophe Jenny – it is hilarious but can be a bit rude 🙂 I was surprised how easy it was to take the kids into central London. EJ was happy to be pushed along in a stroller and it was easy to take a folding buggy on the tube etc. Loved it! X

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