Bridesmaids, Vaccines and a Silver Necklace #littleloves


Bit of a huge fail on this category this week as I haven’t really found the time to pick up my book all week (and to be honest after back to back chapters of The Girl on the Train I think my eyes needed a break!) although I have read plenty of blog posts, my favourites being Tim’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom based on the premise “If you want to succeed, double your failure rate” which has really made me reflect on how I’ve been approaching a lot of my life up to now, and A journey in June by Louise at Touchline Dad and Mother in the Middle who always writes so beautifully and made me cry a bit.


Instead of reading I watched quite a bit. For some reason I totally missed out on Bridesmaids first time round but finally got round to watching it on DVD and wow it’s hilarious – why did no-one tell me?? I also took the lead of Em from Life at The Little Wood and started watching Suits on Netflix. Great characters, definitely very watchable!


I had a lovely opportunity for a small shopping spree in the week and heard the song Nitrous by Nick Mulvey while I was browsing. I love the way he works in 90s dance classic You’re Not Alone. I also heard Dream Lover by The Vaccines which I liked.


I may have bought a few bits (ahem) including a silver necklace that I’ve been lusting after for a while plus a really gorgeous tunic top from Next which I might wear to Britmums (also some flat sandals after I thought better of spending two days crippling myself).


Massive fail this week in this category. I feel like I have been run off my feet all round so my plans to finally make up a little terrarium had to be put on the back burner (pic above to demonstrate how it would have looked!)


This is it – the event I’ve been waiting for for a year (since double booking myself for last year!) – Britmums Live is here!! So despite all the stress over JJ temporarily losing one of his expensive school shoes for 24 hours plus feeling like I have had some motherhood coping ‘issues’ at times I am looking forward to something completely different – hope to see some of you there!

Happy weekend Little Loves!



11 thoughts on “Bridesmaids, Vaccines and a Silver Necklace #littleloves

    • I thought Bridesmaids was great but mostly I think because I kind of get that whole friendship jealousy thing that the main character goes through – it’s funny how that sometimes carries on through into adulthood! I also thought the romance between her and the Chris O’Dowd cop character was really gentle and his character is so sweet. 🙂 I’m loving the necklace too and yes, Britmums was definitely worth attending! Xx

    • He’s great isn’t he?! I still cannot believe I’ve only just discovered Bridesmaids, honestly, it is just the funniest film and I love the fact that you just go on that journey with the main character. The singing at the end reminds me of me and my best friend when we were younger too. 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week too hon Xx

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