Wicked Wednesdays – come baaaaack!!

Scooting into the distance

That moment when you realise that you probably shouldn’t have given your two year old access to a very nippy scooter – as he disappears into the distance, heading rapidly for a massive pond…

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24 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays – come baaaaack!!

    • Ah EJ has been a whizz on a scooter since he was about 18 months I reckon – I actually think I might get fit running desperately after him! 🙂

    • Er, yep, I may have used slight licence there for humourous effect – they were whizzing backwards and forwards on that path for about half an hour! I gave up running after them in the end!

    • Thanks hon! They really do like providing us with the tear your hair out, run faster than you knew you could, heart-stopping moments don’t they? Little blighters.

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