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Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of The Truth about… a chance for you to share whatever you want about whatever subject takes your fancy, the one rule being: no gloss allowed.

Too many of us get sucked into a cycle of self doubt when we read about the ridiculously glamorous and glitzy things our online friends seem to be up to all the time 😉 . In such circumstances, comparing ourselves to others really does suck the joy right out of our own windows – it’s true, I feel that this is a very post-modern phenomenon with regards social media.

So I’m creating The Truth about… in order to redress the balance, allowing us all the opportunity to give each other a little bit more of a behind the scenes glimpse into real life, real hopes, joys, challenges and everyday hilarity. You can have a rant, get political even; cover anything from The Truth about travelling with a toddler, to The Truth about the school run, to The Truth about sibling rivalry, supermarket tantrums or the gender divide. It doesn’t even have to be about parenting.

Remember, I’m not expecting skeletons in closets or bitching about your rellies (much as that would be fascinating!). We’re all bloggers, we have to maintain some dignity!!

Please link up old or new posts, if they are old posts, just re-name them The Truth about…[whatever is the most appropriate description based on the subject matter].

All I ask is that you link back to my blog, include The Truth about… badge, read and comment on at least a couple of other linked posts along with my own and share the love and support – we’re all in it together.

Get linking!

And then the fun began...

5 thoughts on “The Truth about…

  1. All linked up, hun! Thanks for hosting and well done again for taking the plunge! I will be reading and commenting tonight, baba’s b’day party has just started.

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