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After what has been quite an unbelievably relentless period of obsessive introversion with the help of my Kindle tablet and Peppa Pig on You Tube, JJ has recently been introduced to the boardgame Ludo by his Grandma and cast aside advanced technology in favour of the live action dice rolling thrill of a real board game. It was nice to actually play a game like this with him, watching his excitment over rolling a six and listening to him confidently counting out his moves.

However, come Tuesday evening I soon realised that his obsessive nature was back – and this time it involved holding Mummy hostage to game after game and refusing point blank to go to bed!

I guess it’s very ordinary to be in a situation where you need to get your child to listen to you and fall in line but I was at my wit’s end trying to say and do the right thing and pretty much failing miserably by getting a bit shouty and then tearful! Eventually we had a big hug and he agreed to go to bed.

The following day my Mum was over looking after EJ and picked him up from school having been fully briefed on the previous day’s Ludo-gate. I’m not sure what she said to him but whatever it was it worked because he was such a good boy on Wednesday night.

I just hope I can learn to be as good a parent as my Mum – but who knows what challenges lie ahead?…

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6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo: Ludo

  1. Oh bless him, we’ll done for getting him playing the game. You are already as good as your mum as long as you are trying your best. Someone once said to me that it’s not about being the perfect mum but about being the good enough mum as we’re always trying to be good enough for our children
    Catherine Burgess recently posted…MySundayPhoto 9th NovemberMy Profile

  2. That’s great. We’ve been gradually starting to introduce the boys to traditional games – it’s been slow work but they’re starting to appreciate the joy of sitting around a table playing together rather than separately on iPads etc.
    Tim recently posted…Silent Sunday 9/11/14My Profile

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