I is for…invitation #alphabetphoto

invitation (circus)

Or ‘invitation in the making’! After I decided to go with a circus themed party for EJ’s second birthday celebrations I thought I’d try my hand at a home-made card. Unfortunately we don’t have a printer which makes life a bit trickier sometimes – I can’t just print off the fonts I would like, etc. but I had fun drawing the design anyway! I think if anything I will use this design for the thank-yous as I’ve already created a Facebook Event (unfortunately not everyone is on Facebook!).

(Please excuse the hastily edited details section – who knew there were so many shades of white and grey in a photo of white paper!).

Joining up with the Alphabet Photography Project over on Podcast The Doves

28 thoughts on “I is for…invitation #alphabetphoto

  1. How exciting, I’d love to do a circus themed birthday party! Invitation looks great 🙂 #alphabetphoto

    • This is making me feel a bit guilty now because I’ve only done one and probably won’t get around to doing any more! As I say though, it might become a ‘thank you’ instead, thereby giving me a bit more time!

  2. That’s an awesome invitation Sam, what a great idea. I think we get too reliant on printers sometimes, we should always make our own really shouldn’t we. Great letter I too, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto

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