Neither here nor there

neither here nor there

Before you say it, it’s not plagiarism; it’s an homage to Bill Bryson. Travel literature aficionados like me will get the reference (he published his European adventures under the same title in 1991). Personally, the last time I visited another European country it was 2010, it was Menorca, there was a one year old in tow and I barely saw outside the walls of the Thomson Holiday hotel enclosure. We went with an open mind about travelling with a small child but the tone of the holiday was quickly set when I found myself changing a diarrhoea filled nappy in the confines of an aeroplane toilet.

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An inspirational journey

ridiculously amazingI saw a clip on the news the other day about an 18 year old who has been dubbed ‘The Coupon Kid’. Apparently he writes under that moniker for the Moneysavingexpert website but he hit the news lately for doing the most unlikely of journeys, travelling back to his home in Essex from a meeting in Sheffield via Berlin to save money. He saved about £8 to be precise hence the attention grabbing headline which kind of implies an undertone of *crazy penny-pinching nutter*, however, seeing him talking on Sky news I was massively infected by his joie de vivre and un-doubted passion for both travel and living, not just within his means, but almost in spite of our crappy economic reality – sticking two fingers up, if you will, to George Osborne. He talked about getting to visit a city he’d always wanted to see and being able to wander around and take in all the sights for seven hours.

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Why I couldn’t live without a car

My new car!I know that there are people out there – especially Londoners who have access to frequent and accessible public transport links and Oyster, but personally I have always much preferred driving and owning my own vehicle. I currently work 10 miles from where I live and I’m a 20 minute walk from the nearest station. The cost of travelling by train has gone haywire in recent years too with ticket prices rising way above inflation and I in no way miss my old commute in to Central London via South West Trains back in the day – having someone use your head as a handy place to rest their newspaper for half an hour isn’t my idea of a relaxing journey!

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Birthday weekend in Bath

I Love Bath

It’s been a couple of weeks now since my birthday. It wasn’t a big one but given the fact that I haven’t really properly celebrated my birthday since 2011 it seemed about time this year to do something a bit special. Although I love my kids dearly I opted for a child-free weekend away. For a start it was a massive novelty as the hubster and I haven’t gone off for a couple of days together since we had JJ – even our wedding in 2010 meant just one night away from him. To be honest, we haven’t felt it was fair on any of our family members to foist our two high demand boys on them for any longer than a couple of hours and certainly not overnight. However, now EJ has turned three and is finally out of nappies, things had begun to look a bit more do-able – with one proviso – that each child would be shipped off to a different place – they are still a lot of hard work and together and it can be physically and emotionally draining!

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Happiness, first world problems and Parenthood


Last night I watched the film Eat.Pray.Love. I know, I know I’m a bit late to the table on this one (the film came out in 2010, the book, 2006). As I mentioned in my recent Little Loves post, I was looking for something relatively frivolous which would take me on a vicarious trip to some exotic places (heaven knows it ain’t going to happen in real life any time soon). Essentially I think I Googled something like “films set in exotic locations” and possibly threw in the word “romance” to make sure I didn’t end up mistakenly watching Bridge Over the River Kwai or some other equally non-frivolous cinematic offering.

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On why travel can wait

Travel can wait

There seem to be quite a lot of bloggers out there this year who have a first child starting school come this September (or next year). It has reached that time of the year when they are starting to take their children away on holiday. I feel as though I have read a lot of posts and seen a lot of pictures of lovely holiday destinations recently and to be honest it has made me feel a mixture of things. Initially I feel sorry that we didn’t make more of an effort to plan an amazing trip or two (abroad) in the last two years before JJ turned five and started in Reception year. Yes, we stayed in a couple of nice holiday cottages in Norfolk and Cornwall but it’s not the South of France is it? But then I remember the rule of the Social Media update – particularly when it comes to holidays – only show the good bits.

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