The lavender farm mob

Lavender - JJ walking

Last year I was overwhelmed with the number of bloggers who managed to find that magical venue in July – the lavender fields; a place where the sun always shines, the scent is heady, the gentle hum and buzz of bees that have been spoilt for choice is the soundtrack and the children can run free creating the ideal opportunity for some amazing photo memories.

During the week I discussed the phenomenon with a work colleague who happened to mention a place he has often driven past on the road from Selbourne to Alton in Hampshire. He mentioned driving past a sea of purples in high summer – a spectacle in an otherwise mundane series of roadside views through bog standard farmland.

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Monthly Monday Melfie June: Hide and Seek

Hide and seek melfie

Recently JJ has been a bit obsessed with playing hide and seek. Last time EJ attached himself to me (and bang went any hope of climbing into the deepest recesses of the loft space with nothing but my iPhone for a good browse!). In the end I gave up trying to find good places – JJ was counting to 20 so fast that we barely got out of the room before he’d shouted ‘Coming, ready or not!’ – and this pic was taken after EJ and I had thrown ourselves down on the bottom bunk at my parents’ house.

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50 shades of obsession

And by 50, I really mean: 5.

So without further ado here are my top 5 obsessions:

Obsession 1: The Halfway House:

The other day I had this flash of of inspiration about how to improve and beautify my home. I realised that, because there is a lot of clutter on most of the available surfaces, putting up some shelves would give me some valuable space to work with. I realise it’s not rocket science and everyone else in the world has already done this, but I digress – the point is, I didn’t then just leave it there, pencil in a quick trip to B&Q and crack out the power drill. Instead I went to Pinterest. I spent hoMy happiness shelfurs poring over beautifully coordinated, decorated and photographed shelving units. It was great! It made me happy. I told myself that this was inspirational, demonstrating what was within the realms of achievability. I even went on to clear some clutter from an existing shelf and pretty it up, creating what I’ve dubbed a ‘happiness alcove’.

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Bowling with a toddler

Bowling wth a toddler

It’s relatively hard to keep the attention of a toddler for long enough to get through an episode of Mr Tumble, let alone a half hour bowling game, but somehow we managed it (albeit with a 5-10 minute time-out for obsessive fascination with a drinks machine). Fortunately he didn’t win (let’s face it there is nothing more embarassing than having to admit that you were thrashed hands down at a game of ten pin by a two year old).

Linking up to My Sunday Photo over at One Dad 3 Girls and The Black and White Photography Project over at Podcast Dove.

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My Sunday Photo: Ludo


After what has been quite an unbelievably relentless period of obsessive introversion with the help of my Kindle tablet and Peppa Pig on You Tube, JJ has recently been introduced to the boardgame Ludo by his Grandma and cast aside advanced technology in favour of the live action dice rolling thrill of a real board game. It was nice to actually play a game like this with him, watching his excitment over rolling a six and listening to him confidently counting out his moves.

However, come Tuesday evening I soon realised that his obsessive nature was back – and this time it involved holding Mummy hostage to game after game and refusing point blank to go to bed!

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Black and White Photography Project: French Windows

French Windows

I took this picture back in July, looking out into my my parents’ courtyard garden. There is something about the picture of a an empty table and chairs and an open door – it suggests an untold story, in fact my dad said it looks like a it could be on the cover of a book when he saw this one. I like that.

Joining up with Charly over at Podcast Dove for the Black and White Photography Project.

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

My Sunday Photo 02.11.14

JJ coming up climbing rope ladder

I finally remembered to take my proper (if not DSLR) camera out with me the other day when we popped along to our local playground. I was happy about this because it was an unseasonably warm autumn day and the sun was going down which meant everything was bathed in the most glorious late afternoon light.

JJ absolutely loves these rope climbing frames at the moment and really wanted to go up and down this one, much to his brother’s frustration! I remember so clearly the days when JJ was too little to climb it but insisted on being fully indulged in his, frankly, ludicrous attempts to scale the unscaleable. Turns out EJ is just the same!

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Black and White Photography Project: Boy in a Tunnel

Boy in a tunnel

When you’re looking at black and white photography from the eye of a complete photographic novice, you suddenly realise, through experimentation that certain things can be very nicely enhanced. I have found that black and white brings out textures that might otherwise be missed, obviously any photo where there is an easy to spot contrast between light and darkness benefits, andย  it also lends itself nicely to a picture like this where there are some interesting shapes.

What do you think?

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