How to be a Woman, Uncle and Converse fakes #littleloves


This week I finally stopped banging on about my new book by Caitlin Moran (How to be a Woman) and finally read chapter 1 and wow,Β  this really made me think back to a time in my life I haven’t thought about for a long, long time – the onset of puberty! Fortunately I will never have to guide a young girl through this time of blood and angst blossoming womanhood, but the boys are a completely unknown quantity (hopefully I’ll leave the guidance to their dad at that point!!).

I’ve also read lots of great blog posts and discovered a couple which are new to me too including Parenting Hacks (for parents who no longer give a crap) by Up the Spout and Round About which made me laugh (out loud!).


Uncle starring Nick Helm

I finally finished Season 4 of Walking Dead! Wow. Pretty tense ending and I’m ashamed to say I just couldn’t stand the suspense and Wikipedia-ed series 5 ep. 1 so I know how it’s going to go down! I also discovered that there is a new series of the comedy Uncle on BBC3 (why did no one tell me sooner??). I loved the first series – Nick Helm is fab and the script is spot on. Not all sit-coms are funny but this one is. I also watched episode one of the comedy Catastrophe on 4oD which I think might have been mentioned before on #littleloves. Not as funny as Uncle but definitely has potential.


I know this is a bit out of date now, but I was reminded of the song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance whilst browsing about on YouTube the other day. Great tune.


Last week I had a bit of an Amazon session where I go in looking for one thing and then think, ooh, while I’m here I’ll see if there’s anything else I need. Recipe for bankruptcy really, but still.. I was budget conscious enough to discover myself this pair of Converse-alike canvas shoes:

Fake Converse

I’m always a little wary of shoe shopping online because my feet are (very unhelpfully) a half size and no-one ever seems to manufacture half sizes these days. On Amazon I’m always keen to read plenty of reviews which say whether a shoe size comes up big or small. Lots of people said these come up small so I went for a 7 instead of a 6 (I’m 6.5). In fact they seem absolutely massive to me – they are about an inch longer than my feet! Fortunately they were only Β£8 and they’re lace-ups and comfy (better than a squished toe!) so I’ll look forward to giving them an outing come sunnier days!


pirate cushion

No, unfortunately I’m not clever and creative and talented enough to have knocked up this cute little cushion – however, I have put together a new Pinterest board to gather some ideas together around creating a pirate bedroom theme for the boys. Their room is looking pretty shabby it has to be said. There isΒ a whole section of wallpaper which has been ripped off and a giant panda is all well and good but they need some clothes storage desperately. I asked JJ what kind of theme he would like and he is still quite into the pirate theme. I’ve a feeling we can do this a bit on the cheap too as I still have lots of pirate bits and bobs left over from his party. It may not happen very soon but it will happen!


I treated myself to an unhurried browsing session in two lovely antiquey/home decor emporiums this week – one called What-nots and one called The Packhouse. I didn’t make any purchases but actually just the experience of wandering through knick knack heaven is quite as nice as a warm bubble bath I think πŸ™‚

We took the kids to Zizzi last Friday and then the hubster went swimming with them later on in the day so that was a lovely end to half term.

Have a great weekend Little Loves!



18 thoughts on “How to be a Woman, Uncle and Converse fakes #littleloves

  1. I’d love to be able to wear shoes like that but my feet are so massive, I end up looking like a clown. Most unfair! I really want to watch the WD but it gives me terrible nightmares unfortunately – obviously I’m more sensitive than I thought πŸ˜‰
    Another Bun recently posted…#littlelovesMy Profile

    • They’re good shoes eh? πŸ™‚ I love red shoes. So glad that someone else is a fan of Uncle! I think it was one of those ones that I thought I’d try one night when I was a bit bored and there was nothing else on and then ended up watching the whole series! X

    • I think you’ll see my pirate bedroom board is a bit minimal so far Mel! I didn’t want to just duplicate similar things (like the prints, cushions etc.). Let me know if you find anything suitable to add! X

  2. Out of date? Out of date?! Have you seen my car playlist, Sam? Don’t wait for the summer to get those Con-Fakes (I’ve just made that term up, by the way) on. Converse are as versatile as a pair of jeans. Oh my goodness, everyone is so good at Pinterest. I’m terrible at it. I just can’t stretch myself to that corner of social media right now. I give the same level of props to the people that can maintain Pinterest as the people who do good recipe blog posts.
    Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…Ever Wanted to Learn the Guitar? Look no Further…My Profile

    • I wouldn’t say I’m good at Pinterest Fiona! I literally create a board, stick between 2 & 12 things on there and then forget about it! Sorry for the out of date comment – I listen to Radio 1 so anything that was popular like two weeks ago is sooo behind the times now doncha know πŸ˜‰ I’m afraid to say it but I’m really over listening to 80s & 90s stuff. I’m still feeling like the shoes are that little bit big for me to feel really good about them.. jury’s out.. X

      • Well, at such a snip you can probably afford to splurge on a pair that fit – and then wear them! Jeez – Radio 1… My very dear friend Jo listens to radio 1, and I’m sure I’ve lectured her that she is indeed far too old for it (tongue firmly in cheek here, Sam). I can’t listen to anything contemporary – it gets on my nerves. Nothing sounds like what I want to listen to, apart from The Darkness, who are touring this year!!! I love them. They do rock like rock is supposed to be done. xx
        Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…A Late-February Picnic in Nonsuch ParkMy Profile

    • Thanks Christina! It was drawn for me by the lovely Helen Braid of – she’s done loads for a tonne of blogs I know of. I do find myself looking away from scenes in WD sometimes – it depends whether I’m feeling particularly sensitive on any given day! X

  3. I love your shoes Sam!! And totally agree on the soothing benefits of interiors shops – I have an addiction! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. The Walking Dead is one of my favourites on TV at the moment, you have to catch up this season is fantastic! Love your trainers, I really must get around to replacing my battered converse now that the season is changing xx

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