Sweet Potato Brownies, The World’s End and The Life You Want #littleloves


I finished The Girl on the Train and even though I did find the middle section to be a bit too drawn out, the ending was well done. After watching Eat Pray Love last week I decided to look out something along the same lines but then realised that I’ve had the Emily Barr novel The Life You Want sitting on my Kindle for a while now. It’s the story of a woman, this time a mum of two young boys, who decides to take off to India to help out a friend and try and re-capture some of the excitement of her backpacking years. It’s actually the sequel to her first novel Backpack – following the same character a decade on. I read Backpack a long time ago but I do remember enjoying it and consequently read a couple of Barr’s other books so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this and it’ll be interesting to see a different kind of take on this story of travel as an escape from more mundane life, but this time factoring in motherhood.


I had a bit of a browse at the DVDs in Tesco this week and picked up two, the last Frost/Pegg/Wright collaboration, The World’s End and the film version of the phenomenally successful novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The hubster and I decided to watch The World’s End on Monday night as we’re both huge fans of Shaun of the Dead and fond of Hot Fuzz too. Unfortunately we weren’t that impressed – it felt a bit too much like the most ridiculous, high concept twist was crow-barred in to justify what is, essentially, a film about four blokes on a pub crawl (albeit played by some of my favourite actors).

Maybe next week I’ll be a lot more impressed by The Help.


I did become a bit obsessed with Liz Gilbert this week (the author and subject of Eat Pray Love) and wanted to know how life was for her after returning from her year long sojourn and what she was like as a real person (in hindsight, her journey does seem incredibly self indulgent). I looked her up and found that she has presented a TED talk on the subject of creative genius. Not only is this an interesting subject but she is also very likeable and such a natural public speaker. I then watched a few clips of her talking to Oprah and again very much warmed to her. She has some really powerful insights and I like her quote from her husband (the man she hooked up with whilst in Bali in the final phase of Eat Pray Love) “a woman’s place is in the kitchen… with her feet up, drinking a glass of wine whilst her husband cooks her dinner”. Proof positive that her journey was a success!

She also talks about all the people who come to her saying that they’d love to take off abroad and live their dream the way she did but can’t due to having responsibilities – particularly familial ties and duties. And she speaks of one letter she received from a woman who’s mother was left by her husband at the age of 28 with five children ranging in age between 11 and 2 months and who went on to save up a dollar every day for all the years up to the day her final child flew the nest and then booked herself up on a freight liner and went off to live her dream and see the world. Very inspiring.


The weather has been all over the place this week and I’ve managed to wear the wrong combination of clothes for the weather several days running. Just need to find a little white cotton summer dress for tomorrow’s predicted thunder storms now (not!!).


After last week’s huge success with my Deliciously Ella raw brownies, I thought I’d make the most of the new app I purchased and try out another of her brownie recipes – this time a baked version made with sweet potatoes. I have learned three things: a) they’re not as nice as the raw brownies, b) they cost a fortune when you factor in the amount of expensive ingredients needed for one batch and c) they are a lot faffier to make! On the whole though, not bad.


We have definitely been enjoying the more summery days – last week we went to the first birthday picnic of my cousin’s little boy at Stoke Park in Guildford where there is a wonderful built in paddling pool (which dates back to the 1930s apparently) and the boys had a blast. It was lovely to catch up with the family too and my other aunt and uncle were over from Ireland on the Sunday as well. JJ had another after school play date on Monday and was picked up by his friend’s mum and then dropped home at 6pm so I took the opportunity to take EJ for a little impromptu one on one play date to Alice Holt Forest where he romped merrily around the lovely woods from one wooden play structure to the next, befriending another little boy along the way. It was so nice not to have to rush back for the school run!

Happy Weekend Little Loves X



19 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Brownies, The World’s End and The Life You Want #littleloves

  1. I do love my Deliciously Ella book but I am loathe to total all up all the ingredients I have purchased. A small fortune! I am feeling healthier though so sucking it up for now, sigh.

    The weather has had me rather confused lately too. Was gorgeous yesterday now today it’s going to be muggy and thundery. This only means one thing = massive hair.

    I loved Eat Pray Love and The Girl on The Train, just fab. Have a lovely weekend xxx
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…Picnics, Daisy Chains & Decisions #littlelovesMy Profile

    • Sian – too funny about massive hair! Last time I went to the hairdressers I just said, “don’t bother with the blow dry” – it was blowing a drizzly gale outside – just no point is there?! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too chick X

  2. Ohh… I might start saving up a pound a day, the thought really appeals to me. I loved to travel before I had children/when I had a job/money to do such things! I am also going to have to try one of these deliciously Ella recipes, though I agree, I am not a fan of recipes that require spending 30 quid to make half a dozen treats! Hope you have a fab week x
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…#LittleLoves featuring Kimmy Schmidt and Kool Hats!My Profile

    • I think I might start saving up too Mel – maybe even £2 a day… just imagine 15 years worth…that’s like over £10,000! (Having said that in 15 years time £10,000 will probably be worth about £150. That’s inflation for you). I guess with the ingredients at least some of them only take a dash of whatever so once you’ve got them in the store cupboard they will go further than you might anticipate. Having said that the sweet potato brownies really seemed to involve big quantities of stuff! Hope you’re having a great week too Xx

  3. I enjoyed Girl on The train too, I did guess the ending though. Now the boyfriend is reading it and his guess is Anna. That new book you mention sounds good, I would love to save up to travel for when Seb goes to uni. I regret not going off for a gap year when I didn’t have responsibilities so it’s something I’d really love to do. The boyfriend is more keen on getting a bigger house but that just means a bigger/longer mortgage to me. I should start my own little secret travel fund…that’s what I need to do. Then when/if the time comes up, I’ll be ready! Have a nice weekend hun x
    teacuptoria recently posted…Camping on Lake UllswaterMy Profile

    • I kind of regret not going off and having a gap year too. I had a year between my HND and my degree when I was 20 and instead of travelling I got a job for a small media research company in West London. It was good to have some money when I started at Uni but in hindsight that would have been the ideal time to go travelling! I was just too chicken to even contemplate it then! Even when I was 35 and newly single I took the ‘safe’ option of booking an organised tour with Trek Australia rather than just winging it on my own. I think I may just have inspired a generation of bloggers to go out and start their own future travel fund! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week too and maybe see you at BML if you’re going? Xx

  4. I picked up The Girl on the Train at a bootfair last weekend, for a mere 3op! Looking forward to reading it. Wow, the saving a £1 a day thing sounds like such a fantastic idea, and totally do-able too – something to ponder on!

    Enjoy your weekend xx
    Stacie recently posted…Holborough Lakes, Sunshine & Sea!My Profile

    • I really like the idea of starting up a travel fund – I mean, lets face it, if you have little kids then real travel is kind of on the back burner anyway so why not, as Liz Gilbert says “get a plan!”? Xx

    • Ooh I’m really pleased that you find my recommendations useful! It’s always nice to be put on to something by someone else who has enjoyed it and been inspired by it though so I get that. Eat Pray Love is a good watch isn’t it? Have a great week Xx

    • I’m looking forward to The Help Alice – I think it is one of those ones that was just too high profile for a while and it put me off but now all the hoo ha has died down a bit I’m ready to give it a go! The paddling pool has been great – twice in one week now! Have a lovely week Xx

    • I thought the Emily Barr would be right up your street Ren – the main character even talks of a difficult relationship with her own mother. I definitely see reflections of your life there (although not the alcoholism I’m assuming 🙂 ) Having said that I’ve only read the first bit and I hope that isn’t offensive in any way as the character plays out! Xx

    • Ooh I didn’t realise she would be doing a class at Britmums Live! I thought I might buy her book there at the signing though. The raw brownies are the best! Xx

  5. I too loved ‘eat pray love’, so I am going to watch that TED talk when I have a moment- I too wondered what happened to Liz after she finished her journey. It’s great to know she seems like a lovely person and is still leading an inspirational life.

    Right, I am buying this Deliciously Ella book- I keep hearing so many good things about it, and I really need to start feeling a lot healthier! #littleloves

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