Orphans, buttons, Lego and bears #Littleloves


I’m sorry to say that I haven’t really picked up my book at all this week. However I have read some very informative and entertaining blog posts including 10 Facebook Groups to Help Your Blog by Aby over at You Baby Me Mummy – as always really useful information and so lovely of Aby to share so openly; and Nostalgia Jukebox: Getting into a Madonna Groove by Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham which really re-ignited my (former) life-long obsession with the woman ending up with me on You Tube scouting her more obscure albums for forgotten favourites like ‘Don’t Stop’ from Bedtime Stories (FYI YouTube assures me I am mostly into ‘deep house’ music these days which is probably true as I have graduated from the garage 🙂 ).


I feel like I’ve watched loads lately. Really grateful to Morgana for putting me on to the series Orphan Black on Netflix although to be honest I am now feeling completely exhausted as I have been up late every night watching back to back episodes (I’ve got through the entire first series and half of the second within a week!). Once you have got your head round the slightly annoying ‘cock-er-ney” accent of the main character and her brother, the story is compelling – essentially Sarah’s discovery that she is one of a series of human clones who were conceived as part of a shady 70s experiment.

I also watched a couple of movies. I don’t know how she does it with Sarah Jessica Parker which, whilst fictional, is based on the experiences of real women and mothers who worked in the City of London. Author Allison Pearson interviewed several in this position of working full time in a male dominated world whilst also juggling the demands of family life before writing her book of the same name. I have to admit I was expecting the main character to be one of the seemingly ‘perfect’ ‘having it all’ women you come across on social media from time to time but in actual fact, she is all over the place but she manages to do ‘it’ through the strength of her personality – clearly a sunshine yellow extrovert who eventually manages to find a work life balance by giving her boss an ultimatum. I guess it proves that sometimes you just have to take a risk to get what you want or what you need in life.

Thirdly, I finally got around to watching the Paddington movie with the boys after buying it on DVD as part of EJ’s birthday present last week. As most of you probably already know it’s great! We were all engrossed and entertained from beginning to end.


At the weekend we had a free live music day in our town with lots of local bands playing in the well-appointed bandstand. We took a picnic and the boys had a blast running about in the sunshine with their friends and dancing to the music. They set themselves up as close to the front of the stage as they could which was quite amusing to see.

I also caught a snippet of the song Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend on the radio (seriously, what odd lyrics?!) and was alerted to the fact that this has, apparently, been one of the songs of the summer in America, and also that Tom Cruise did this funny lip synch version on the Jimmy Fallon show.



My raincoat. What a lot of wind and rain for late July!


After reading Pinterest Fails over at Nipper and Tyke (one of my ‘Truth About’ linkees on Tuesday!) I suddenly had an epiphany. There are so many craft projects that I have sourced on Pinterest and just never made the time to start (possibly through an unconscious fear of failure..) and this post just made me realise that even a failure is a good thing (fodder for an amusing blog post!) so I immediately tried my hand at this button art – an initial ‘J’ for JJ’s wall. To be fair I rushed it (I’m impatient) completing within less than an hour and just shy of gluing my finger and thumb together but all the same I’m quite pleased with the end result!

I also caught a glimpse of Deliciously Ella’s pic of her almond butter fudge on Instagram and just had to try that for myself. It’s really good (even if I have since been accused of leaving body parts in cellophane bags in the freezer at work!).


It was EJ’s third birthday last Friday and whilst we opted to skip a party this year, we did take them both to Legoland which was (for the most part!) a fun day out. We also made the most of the free cinema club at our local library on Saturday morning (Lady and the Tramp), with free popcorn, squash, tea and coffee. As I didn’t manage a Little Loves post last week I can mention the fact that I had an actual night out with one of my new school mum friends. We went to our local arts centre to see some live comedy previews from the Edinburgh Fringe and whilst the comedy was hit and miss it was just a fab experience to partake of live entertainment again and I feel like I’ve really made the most of everything my town has to offer now and definitely want to book up some more comedy dates.

On a final note the kids and I attended one of EJ’s friends’ birthday parties on Sunday at a play gym which was good fun but the moral of the story is: never jump into a giant foam brick pit with your iPhone in your pocket. :-/

Happy weekend Little Loves!



16 thoughts on “Orphans, buttons, Lego and bears #Littleloves

  1. Ah, glad you enjoyed Legoland! We haven’t yet been this summer but will do so at least once, I’m sure.

    Funny, I’ve listened to loads of Madonna over the past couple of weeks, both while researching the post (thanks for referencing it!) and subsequently. It’s easy to forget just how much good music she has produced over the years, even if her later stuff isn’t quite as good. 🙂
    Tim recently posted…Podcast #1: 3 Children and ItMy Profile

    • It’s funny but I wouldn’t necessarily have put you down as a Madonna fan Tim! Still it’s nice to have a compatriot from that part of the 80s – I was absolutely obsessed with her circa Desperately Seeking Susan – I wanted to own the jacket, the boots and the cool case she carried around and left for Rosanna Arquette to find in that locker at the Port Authority. Some fab music too – I really did like the Confessions on a Dancefloor album. Would have loved to have seen her live in the past – I felt the same about George Michael though although I went to see his Symphonica tour in 2012 and regretted not having gone to see Wham: The Final when I was 13/14 because Symphonica was a bit of a downer! Anyhoo… Thanks for the nostalgia! 🙂

    • I’ve since read that ‘can’t feel my face’ is a reference to taking cocaine so it makes more sense now! I think I would probably have preferred the book of IDKHSDI to the movie too – I can imagine that the internal thought processes of the main character are explored much deeper. You must see the rest of Paddington – it’s great! X

    • My iPhone is fine thanks Jenny – the problem was that it fell out of my pocket and disappeared under a mountain of foam bricks! And it was on vibrate so we couldn’t even ring it to locate! Some lovely people helped me find it though – phew! I do like a good life lesson though 😉 Xx

  2. Ohh i’ve been needing a new series to get into on Netflix so i’ll check out Black Orphan! Sounds intriguing!

    I absolutely loved Tom Cruise lip syncing to ‘i can’t feel my face’… i know he gets quite a lot of bad press in the media, but i think he comes across as so lovely (and still very handsome too – Maverick will always be one of my first crushes!) Have a great weekend x
    Amy @ Fun Being Mum recently posted…Passports, Christian Grey, Orange Buzz, Trance, Monsters and France! #LittleLovesMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, you have been busy! I’m glad you had a night out, I have still to make some new friends in the area. Completely my own fault, as I haven’t tried! Paddington is a fab film, but now you have me curious about the Sarah Jessica Parker film. I usually like her stuff. Hope you are having a good weekend x
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…Kitchens, Conferences and Kids #LittleLovesMy Profile

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