The truth about ‘Us’ time

The truth is, I wrote this post a week ago but I have been struggling with blogging recently – life has got in the way, but, as this post testifies, that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

After mulling over the nature of the blogosphere in December last week I came to the conclusion that, a bit like the housing market, things slow down – for everyone – at this time of year. For this reason it is a good time to down tools, ease off the linkies, switch off the stats and back away from the iPhone.

And this is exactly what I did over the weekend. OK it was a bit weird not to see lots of new unread bloggy alerts in my inbox – nowadays I always feel this odd sense of exclusion when that happens – but I’m assuming that the drop in notifications also means that others have eased off too which is reassuring! Funny how blogging takes over your life so completely that without it, you kind of wonder what happens next.

There were only three things on the agenda over the weekend: JJ was going to do the local Park Run with the hubster and his big sister, I was going to do some overtime at work on Sunday morning and we were all having lunch out with my in-laws on Sunday.

We went out for brunch with the hubster after Park Run on Saturday and then returned home to un-net the Christmas tree to trim and decorate. This was the first year since the kids were born that we have gone for a proper sized tree, and a real tree to boot. Before this I have done all the decorating of our little 3 footer on my own but this year I threw caution to the wind and let the munchkins join in. EJ essentially attempted to hang about 7 baubles off one branch. For JJ though, this was a major event. Since Santa enlisted his help with his last bauble last week at Osterley House, he has taken on the role of Number 1 Christmas Helper and actually did a pretty good job of evenly spacing all the little decorations available. Unfortunately we only owned enough to decorate a miniature tree so soon enough it was time to head into town to source a whole new cache.

I took this task on alone as the hubster had a gym session to attend. It always makes me nervous being in busy public places on my own with the two of them, but I have to say that they were very good boys. JJ helped me choose a nice big box of purple, gold and teal coloured baubles from Wilkos, then we headed off to the bookshop to look for a copy of ‘Santa Comes to [Our Town]’ – a book which is tailored with local places of interest and which I thought might give JJ that little thrill of recognition. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy so we headed down to Costa Coffee for a little treat. I’d wanted to try the Black Forest Hot Chocolate for a while and it didn’t disappoint with its creamy, cherrylicious gorgeousness. The boys shared cakes and babyccinos and then I let them have a turn on the little carousel outside before we headed home to complete our decorations (note: no tantrums about getting back in the buggy from EJ or fuss about not having another turn which, in itself, is unusual!).

Later, whilst the hubster did something man-related (watching the football scores?) I cooked our tuna pasta bake and the kids pretty much played around my feet in the kitchen and hall (this is one of those times that I long for a home with an open plan kitchen/diner/living space).

On Sunday after being treated to a nice lunch at a local Harvester we headed home and I somehow became involved in a game of catch with two rubber balls flying towards my head every five seconds. The hubster was catching up on sleep so I had to think on my feet or risk being taken out (along with the Christmas tree and several ornaments!). It was too cold to go outside and even the kids seemed decidedly uninterested in the idea of soft play, so I did what any normal person who doesn’t have two rambunctious little boys would do and curled up on the sofa with a good movie. I would have gone for something Christmassy but unfortunately our DVD collection is woefully lacking due to my previous reluctance to bother with this kind of quiet, still activity – fearing constant interruptions or simple lack of interest. Ice Age was the closest to seasonal that I could find!

To cut a long story short it was a bit of a revelation – other than JJ questioning the storyline, (would any harm come to the baby? What happened to the baby’s mummy? Etc.), and getting a bit scared, we managed to get through the entire film with EJ sitting enthralled throughout! In the meantime the hubster came and went to the corner store for bread, back to the gym, as we sat huddled up together under a blanket on the sofa.

What I take away from this kind of quality time with the kids (albeit sometimes in uncharted waters and alone!) is that giving them my undivided attention (and stepping away from the computer) is a good thing for all of us. Not only that but EJ is being introduced to certain activities way earlier than JJ was and taking everything in his stride (apart from last week’s meeting with Santa of course 🙂 ) .He is either a much easier child than his brother (this could well be true!) or he is simply following in the footsteps of every other second child out there and learning how to find his place within our little herd.

Whatever the answer, this weekend has taught me to learn how to better balance my blog life because it makes all the difference sometimes to just embrace mindfulness and let go of your blogxiety!

20 thoughts on “The truth about ‘Us’ time

  1. Great post Sam, I’m so pleased you enjoyed your quality family time. There’s sonething a little scary about second and subsequent children being introduced to everything earlier… As you’ll see in my own post, we’re having massive issues with our 2yo at the mo, but it’s being turned around rapidly by undivided attention and lots of extra love. If the blog takes a nose dive while I fix my girl then so be it xxx ps. I’ll add your badge next time I’m on the laptop
    Mummytries recently posted…Feeling Like A FailureMy Profile

  2. Definitely good to take a blogging break once in a while – I’ll be scheduling a few posts around Christmas and switching off for a bit too. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend though and snuggling on the sofa together and watching a film is great every now and then – we’ve only done it once as a family so far but it was such a lovely moment. Thanks for hosting #thetruthabout – linking up an old post again this week x
    Louise recently posted…Play date with Dr Miriam Stoppard and Galt ToysMy Profile

    • I wish I had the time or inspiration to even set up a few posts to schedule! All I want to do right now is sleep!! I was really pleased that we were able to have a movie afternoon together because that never would have happened before now. Thanks for linking up again Xx

    • That sounds like quite a productive use of your downtime – I’m not even managing to think about the blog or blogging (other than during these comments!). I look forward to reading some of your offerings! X

  3. I am glad I read your post when I did. I just started blogging a few weeks ago and it really takes up so much of your time. Writing is the easy part, but marketing it is the really hard part. My hubby seems to be pretty annoyed that I am always either starting at my phone or typing away. I think bloggers will be taking a universal break over the holiday–or maybe they will. I know I will be:)
    Amina recently posted…Four Ways of Arriving on Time to a Party with KidsMy Profile

    • I think its quite a rapid learning curve when you start to blog and start setting yourself a self-imposed weekly schedule. I know what you mean about annoyed other half too! That is one of the other reasons for cutting back! I hope you’re right that people will slow down a bit – it doesn’t seem to have been the case so far in December if my email and Bloglovin’ notifications are anything to go by!

    • I may have talked it up a bit Laura! It definitely wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, there were things that did frustrate me, but over-all I was pleased that I shared some really mindful headspace with the boys. X

  4. What a great post, everybody needs to take a break from everything they do at some point otherwise it feels like a chore and you no longer enjoy it. Blogging should come naturally and not be forced, I go weeks sometimes without blogging, but I don’t mind because I blog for me and not for statistics or an income.
    Papa Tont recently posted…How Dangerous Can Books BeMy Profile

    • I don’t blog for an income either but I have been lured by the idea of enviable stats! I also feel that the more readers and engagement you have, the higher your ranking, the more opportunities and friends might come your way. I like interacting with like-minded people in this way a lot and I do feel like I am missing out if I don’t read a lot of their posts and they have nothing to read and comment on mine. Its a worry that I’m out of the loop but in actual fact, I know that’s probably not true and you can always dust yourself off, pick yourself up and go back to square one!

  5. I’m attempting to finish up commenting/writing/scheduling tonight, and taking the next few days completely off… famous last words! But, I do need a break, and I am going to take most of the next two weeks off; I think I need it! It sounds like you had a lovely time with the boys and that a break might be just what you need. We’ll be here when you get back xx
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Silent Sunday: 21 December 2014My Profile

    • Hope you’re managing to relax a bit now Sara! I am just popping in an out now when I get the chance and if I feel like it. I think that is the best way at this time of year. Have a fantastic celebration with your family and look forward to catching up in the New Year. Xx

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