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The MBAs

Firstly, let me just say, I don’t write an award-worthy blog, I know that and I’m under no illusions about it. But I do love my blog and I love blogging – over the past two years it’s become a huge part of who I am. So when the MAD (Mum and Dad) blog awards took place last week and my newsfeeds began filling up with pictures of some fabulous ‘compatriots’ (for want of a better word) being pampered, treated to a gourmet three course meal, and showered with praise and adulation for doing some of the kind of stuff I do (but better), I was thrilled for them – but – I was also deflated. I get the feeling that I may be the only person willing to say this publicly, because, let’s face it – there is a huge stigma attached to admitting that you feel disappointed in the face of other peoples’ success. A lot of people would rather resort to trying to tear others down – jealousy is the kryptonite that trolls harness to try to build themselves up whilst simultaneously knocking the work/thoughts/opinions of others.

In contrast I admit that there are some brilliant photographers, writers, comic geniuses, artists, empowerers (is that a word?), crafters, story tellers and social crusaders out there – lovely people who well deserved to be nominated for an award. Equally there are thousands of other bloggers out there in 2015 who are also producing amazing output and the awards only celebrate and promote a very small number – the tip of the iceberg in a flooded (ice) field.

But hey, I’m not here to redress that balance. Instead I thought I might suggest an alternative awards that me and my blog might actually be able to take part in, along the lines of Hollywood’s ‘Razzies’ (not that I’m, for example, comparing my blog to Guy Richie’s film ‘Swept Away’ (I haven’t resorted to recruiting Madonna to pose naked to promote a post – not yet anyway…give it time).

So, in the hopes that someone out there will read this, think “what a brilliant idea” and stump up the money for a glamorous, all expenses paid party, here are my suggested categories:

  • Most blurred photography
  • Most muddled niche-hopper
  • Most inconsistent post scheduling
  • Most amusing Pinterest fail
  • Most cluttered side-bar
  • Lowest page views
  • Most sporadic community engagement
  • Most dated Header
  • Least shared post
  • Most consistent loss of blogging ‘mojo’
  • Largest number of unrealised draft posts

So that’s settled – I’m off to pick out a suitable gown to adorn on the red carpet.

Are you with me? And what categories would you add?


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81 thoughts on “The Mediocre Blog Awards

  1. Not a “most mediocre” category, but Sam, you are one of the funniest writers I know.
    For my “most mediocre” category, I would have a “most removed from reality” category and yes I know which RL person I would nominate.

    • Ah Denise – thank you kindly! I can only speculate about what kind of ‘removed from reality’ you are talking about – away with the fairies or narcissistic sense of entitlement…(or neither!)

    • There is a category for all that isn’t there – “Best Family Fun” or some such? I think you may also be falling into the Muddled Niche department Louise – you’re in good company 😉 X

  2. Don’t put yourself down mrs, your blog is one of my favourites – consistently good writing, funny and interesting. I have to admit to being disappointed that I didn’t win (after 5 times of getting in blog finals!). Honestly, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Nice to be there and in the finals but I don’t think I will put myself through it again (but I said that last year!). x
    Suzanne recently posted…Now You’re a School Mum….My Profile

    • Aw thanks Suzanne. I feel like this is looking more and more like I was fishing for compliments which I wasn’t at all – I know how much work it takes to get a blog to ‘that’ standard and I just don’t ever get around to going that extra mile. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have that ‘always the bridesmaid’ thing going on though. At least you got some free grub though, eh? 😉 X

  3. Brilliant post Sam, love this idea of the blogging version of the Razzies. Not that I think any of your blog posts are poor enough to be worthy of these though. You have your own unique voice and people that enjoy your blog for your funny and honest style of writing. I think a lot of us would fit quite well into that Muddled Niche Category – and they’re often the blogs I enjoy most because they have such varied posts 🙂
    Louise recently posted…From the mouths of babes #38My Profile

    • Oh dear I am doomed – too mediocre to even win a mediocre award!! 🙂 I do like a bit of a muddled niche mash up too though – I like doing it and I think it makes other peoples blogs more interesting too. I always think it must be so frustrating to just have ‘humour, say, as your one and only thing because you would have to pass up so many opportunities that there are out there. X

    • Ah thanks Crazy Stork Lady! I think I may have read about some guy who decided to go out and deliberately attempt to fail at stuff – kind of high concept. I like that though. I could definitely take up a challenge like that… 😉

  4. What a fab idea! i’ll have a go at the nice hopper category! my blog is half a beauty blog and half a parenting blog haha! On a serious note though, your blog is fab! give yourself some credit lovely 🙂 #sharewithme

  5. I love the sound of your awards! I would like to see the categories of ‘most likely to realise at 11:45 on a Tuesday night that you do a feature on Tuesdays and have not in fact done it’, and ‘most likely to promote 5 posts on twitter in under 10 seconds and then forget to post anything at all for the next 12 hours’.
    (I really want these awards to actually happen now) #sharewithme
    Silly Mummy recently posted…Ooh I Say: The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last WeekMy Profile

    • Oh no! Probably one reason why I don’t have any ‘features’ on my blog 🙂 I use that automated ‘re-tweet old post’ plugin on Twitter so I never have to worry about the faff of doing that myself. It probably drives other Twitter users mad mind you! Let’s make this thing happen!! 🙂 X

    • Thanks Beth! When I went self hosted about a year ago all my pictures up to that point suddenly went blurry (I guess I hadn’t sized them up properly and just dragged them out to fit or something) and I never got round to fixing them all so a good year’s worth of my photos are in an award-winning category 😉

  6. Oh Sam, that is a great idea! You are right about awards. There are tons of brilliant blogs and bloggers out there and we all have our particular favourites.
    What I really like about yours is that you obviously have a brain and you know how to use it. Your posts are humourous and thought-provoking, not written for the sake of it.
    Fionnuala from
    Fionnuala recently posted…Making an Autumn Wreath and A CentrepieceMy Profile

    • Ah that is such a lovely comment and compliment Fionnuala! I guess my blog would definitely indicate that I’m not in the blogging game for fame and recognition and to have people oohing at the brilliance and consistency – I’m in it for my own pleasure really. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still like someone to invite me to a red-carpet awards do and feed me lobster and champagne 😉 Thanks for being part of my blogging journey Xx

  7. Okay, well I’d go for most impressive typo in a Facebook / Twitter / G+ update (delete as applicable), most impressive fashion photo shoot fail (I’d soooo win this), most over emotional pointless rant about something that clearly only bothers you.

    Great post. Thanks for hosting #thetruthabout
    JOhn Adams recently posted…What I miss about those baby daysMy Profile

    • The thing is John, as witnessed, one’s blog can be consistently littered with typos and still win you an *actual* award. So that’s a non-starter. Fashion shoot fail and pointless ranting can definitely be in there along with home styling fail I reckon 🙂

  8. This is making me think of ‘You’ve been Framed’ a bit. I used to get caught up on comparison and I giggle at my husband who refers now and again to the geocaching leader board and so and so has over taken number wise. The thing I remind him is that we are unique and as long as you are having fun then who cares. You could have found all the caches in the world but not be as happy. Hope you understand my rambling and thanks for sharing. #sharewthme
    Helena recently posted…My Quilt QuestMy Profile

  9. Hilarious! How about, most over-use of exclamation points because I know I’ve sprinkled way too many of those at random intervals! (There I go again!). Visiting from #sharewithme
    Jennifer recently posted…Bon momsMy Profile

    • It’s true – the first time I became aware of the world of blogging awards I felt disproportionately disappointed but I totally didn’t recognise the fact that I just wasn’t doing what those popular award-winning blogs were doing (and probably never will be!). So when you realise that you have to take it in your stride and see the funny side! Are you nominating yourself for that long, rambling post award, or me?! 🙂

    • Oh yes – least comments from a linky – that’s a good one! It’s especially crushing if you thought it was a particularly good post too. :-/ Get your glam frock on and join the rest of us then! 🙂

    • I reckon if you’re writing draft posts you are definitely winning anyway – at least you’ve got half formed ideas rather than none at all! I’m still working on a sponsor for this ceremony… 🙂

    • Ha – least flattering selfie is something I would never post – I am dreadfully vain which is unfortunate given my age and general non-descriptness. I would be right there with you scoffing all that free stuff. 🙂

  10. Don’t underestimate yourself honey. You are true to yourself and I love that you haven’t gone all commercial and brand crazy. You’ve got a fab blog! Still, can I join your awards please? I too am guilty of getting demotivated occasionally. And I defy deserve an award for the most unrealised draft posts. Fab post! #thelist
    Jude recently posted…5 Ways to Avoid A Chugger Like a ChildMy Profile

    • Aw. That’s really a really lovely comment Jude! I think I would probably be a little bit more commercial by now (by which I mean more sponsored posts) if a few more brands had actually contacted me. I could use the money! 🙂 Xx

    • Hi Laura – so glad you like the header! It is over a year old now and I think a lot of people who were paying for Helen to design their headers for them at the same time have changed up now for a fresh image but I am very attached to it – it just feels like part of my identity now! It is really hard to make a name for yourself and getting harder all the time I think. Glad I’m in no way alone in that deflated feeling. X

    • Thanks Prabs. My post scheduling is virtually non existent at the moment – I think lack of time, motivation and non-related non-blog incidents in life have left me without a time to even think, let alone write and post. I guess the loss of mojo is part of that too! X

    • You can definitely self-nominate – that should probably be a condition of entering – you must vote for yourself!! Non award winning (or even nominated) chilling should definitely be the order of the day. No biggie, right? 🙂 Xx

    • Hi Lauranne – I think you are proposing starting up Mediocre Awards for Life in General which is a whole other thing, right? On that score I could definitely win one for most qualifications which have led to zero career 🙂 Thanks for reading! X

  11. I know I felt the very same way last year as we all work so hard on our blogs. You probably think I can’t say anything now that I have won but I used to think my blog wasn’t good enough (still do somedays) or needs to get better or improve or that it would never be recognized. I think with the MADS it’s about putting it out there and asking people to support. I don’t know I am still shocked as I am always feeling snowed under, that my blog needs revamped, and better things put on and things changed. It’s a never ending battle I have with myself. Love your awards, most grainy photos would be me the iphone snapper. hahahah Your blog is lovely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope you have enjoyed reading so many fab other blog posts and to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…Courgette & Carrot Spaghetti // RecipeMy Profile

    • Thanks Jenny – I do admit that I haven’t gone and really asked anyone for any votes in the past – I feel it would be a bit pointless and cheeky given the low level of effort I put in compared to some people (yourself included!). I have definitely enjoyed the blog hop thank you! 🙂

    • I am surprised that you weren’t up there with the other celebrants Hannah – your blog is definitely (*actual*) award-worthy! I think its a weird feeling of disappointment when you actually realise that you wouldn’t have been in the running either way though. I think maybe it makes us feel disappointed in a wider way, that we haven’t got the lifestyle to throw everything into this one thing to make it perfect and note-worthy. Thanks for having me on #thelist 🙂 Xx

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  13. Brilliant idea! And add the rule that only YOU can nominate yourself and voting restricted to family and pets LOL. I would nominate myself for the photography section – I think my eyes are not human. can’t see the “vision”. Still laughing here!

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