Love the Little Things 14.11.14


Red magazine

Everything Blogfest from the programme, to the Twitter feed scrolling above the panellists heads on the day to the free copy of Red magazine that was included in the goody bag!


The apprentice

Some entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking panel discussions and ‘Think Bombs’ at Blogfest on Saturday. This was my very first blogging event and it was, on the whole, a very positive, enjoyable experience. People watching took on a whole new meaning too as the people I was watching were strange yet familiar at the same time. I guess this is a bit like going to a school reunion after a 25 year gap and seeing people who are both well known yet completely different…

On TV: Well I’m still on Strictly and The Apprentice but now I feel a bit sheepish after pinning my colours to the mast last week by singling out Aussie Mark as an Apprentice contender. He probably still is but I didn’t like the way he palmed the PM job off on Pamela this week and then came up with the rubbish suggestion of a ‘dating’ board game which, let’s face it, crashed and burned! I was also intrigued to see that the second series of The Fall has launched as I really enjoyed the first series with all it’s creepy undertones. At the time of writing I haven’t yet watched this so I hope there are no SPOILERS floating around!!


Andy C and Fiora – Heartbeat Loud – I’ve been listening to this on the radio on the way to work and its just one of those songs that makes you feel a bit lifted (I do love a bit of dance music though 🙂 )


Autumn nails

I thought I’d jazz it up (in the most minor way possible) for Blogfest so I got some new nail colours for an autumnal version of my ‘Ice Truck Killer’ nails (if you’ve never seen Dexter then that will mean nothing to you…) I also made an interesting (if too late) discovery that wearing the old Spanx to a 10-hour long event (and dinner afterwards) was not the most sensible move – as Jude from Make me an Earth Mother pointed out, you might as well just be comfortable – who you trying to impress anyway??


Massive fail on the made front this week! I’m looking for inspiration for some home made christmas gift ideas though so if anyone has any that are simple and don’t require a glue gun then I’d love to know!


I just want to give thanks for the fact that things have calmed down a bit this week – I know it’s the calm before the Christmas storm, so I want to enjoy it while it lasts!

Happy weekend Little Loves!


17 thoughts on “Love the Little Things 14.11.14

  1. Haha, non glue-gun Christmas homemade gift ideas. That’s going to be the name of my newest Pinterest board! Love it! 🙂 Think how much we’d get done if we did actually have a glue gun Sam! :0 Aww, glad you had such a good time at Blogfest – wearing Spanx for that long is a feat in itself! Have a lovely weekend sweetpea xx

    • He hee Em – yes we would be a force to be reckoned with with the aid of a glue gun 🙂 Blogfest was a really fab day – I’m so happy I finally met some (if not all!) of my favourites! Although you were in our thoughts I have to say, your name was mentioned on more than one occasion my love! I’ve definitely shelved the Spanx for the time being – it seemed like such a good idea at the time!! Xx

  2. Yaay I went to blogfest too, it was amazing wasn’t it! I didn’t glam up like you but I wish had done as everybody looked so lovely and I looked my usual self with birdnest hair. Oh well.

    Also loving the nails-very fab!

    Em xx
    Emma recently posted…Love the little thingsMy Profile

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say I glammed up – my dress was good ol F&F from Tesco 🙂 Cos that’s the way I roll. I’m glad someone else likes the nail colour choice – thought it might just be me 😉 Yes it was definitely an amazing experience. X

  3. I am so looking forward to watching the Fall! Loved the first series… Ive been watching the Apprentice, but I am really struggling to pick anyone out?! Its full of over eager people! Its got worse as the years have gone on if I am honest!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! x
    Anna-Marie recently posted…Love The Little Things #46My Profile

  4. Oh bless, don’t worry, I certainly won’t judge you on your Apprentice choices, hey – we all make mistakes. Actually I’m sure being a bit of a prat is a requirement to enter, so it would be impossible to pick anyone who wasn’t! I feel like the only person who hasn’t been to a big boggy meet-up, I am sooo gonna try and make one next year! Hope you have a fab week – oh… those cookie jar things for gifts? I thing they are sweet x
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…Love The Little Things #4My Profile

    • I think you are set up for a fall with The Apprentice – the editors are playing a game with us! Hope to meet you next year then Mel! I may well try my hand with the cookie DIY kit but not sure who my target receivee would be… X

  5. I tried the Sharpie mug that’s been doing the rounds on Pinterest as I had thought it would be an easy homemade Christmas gift but it’s not worked out as well as I had hoped! Despite baking the mugs, the pen still seems to come off :-/ Hope you’re having a good weekend x
    Glasgow Mummy recently posted…Ballathie House HotelMy Profile

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