When your stats flatline because you’ve abandoned your blog – and I’m not talking about taking a ‘blog break’ here – I’m talking about putting the whole thing down both literally and figuratively, and walking away completely – then you really begin to understand what the whole thing means.

I’ve been completely AWOL from these pages for the best part of the last three weeks now and it has been both very easy and quite upsetting. I’ve ignored emails from PR people; I haven’t taken any photos; I’ve abandoned the Facebook groups; I’ve stopped trying to think about interesting or fascinating or thought provoking subject matter to blog on; I’ve lost my way with words.

I guess you could say that I’ve gone into survival mode – a place where this vast cyber-space is best used for random googling or gorging on an iPlayer feast – the great escape of mindless entertainment.

Considering the worth of two and a half years of writing, designing, illustrating, sharing, investing, facilitating the meeting of minds – it’s more than the sum of it’s parts. I know that it’s not a work of great art or literature or a successful business or even a place of consistency but it is actually a huge part of me. The words, thoughts, ideas, confessions, humour, history and record keeping are more than just a flash in the pan, they are everything – my past present and future.

If I want to survive on the outside, flatlining is not an option.