I once wrote a blog post called “Someone Help Derail My Train of Thought!!” and I guess this is another one a bit like that. The past week – October half term – has seen our family have a little holiday (essentially our main holiday of 2015). We went to Shorefield Country Park in Milford upon Sea – New Forest. We were lucky to have the opportunity to stay in a really lovely ‘lodge’, or ‘static caravan’ for a reduced cost through our employer.

This post really ought to be a review of the park. Or a journal of what we did and where we went, and a year ago it would have been but something has changed in me since then – I have been finding it hard to get motivated to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) and letting distractions overcome me – the fact that Strictly is back on our screens has a lot to answer for if truth be told! I took my ‘good’ camera with me for our week away but never got it out of the bag instead relying on the old iPhone to record precious memories.

My mind has been flitting around – I seem to jump from one task to the next without finishing the first – so easily distracted! In fact I have had to give myself a very serious talking to this evening just to keep away from Facebook – who knew that one little social network could suck me in so completely on such a regular basis, scrolling, scrolling, occasionally liking, occasionally sharing, occasionally reconnecting with old friends, but never ever getting anything done. I think FB must be like the original Hotel California – “you can check out any time you like – but you can never leave…”

And still this evening I have watched a bit of Strictly, watched a few X Factor performances on YouTube (I like to tell myself it doesnt make me a real viewer of such tripe but it’s a bit like having a McDonalds banana milkshake and telling yourself it’s OK because it counts as one of your ‘five a day’) and then I thought “ooh I wonder what the original version of that Ed Sheeran song sounded like?” and I’m back on YouTube, which then led me to consider the similarities to the old bluesy ‘Rush’ soundtrack which Eric Clapton dreamt up back in 1991 (not to be mistaken with the Formula 1 bio-pic of 2013).

Maybe it’s going on holiday with your children when you’re used to a couple of days off a week – it’s lovely but all a bit relentless and there is literally no escape (3 year old in bed with me from as early as 11.45pm on at least three occasions). The thought of even conceiving a blog post, let alone writing one has been about as likely as me winning the National Lottery (I don’t play…).

Life seems particularly unstructured – never any guaranteed time to just ‘be’, I grab whatever hour happens to make itself available on any given day but it certainly doesn’t lend itself to a ‘blogger’s editorial calendar’ and you know, maybe I don’t need one of those anyway – it isn’t my job, I have no real reason to make this little part of the interwebs a ‘going concern’. But I love writing so I miss having that fire and purpose and those precious hours when there was time not only to write a post but to brainstorm ideas.

So here’s to inspiration. Here’s to re-igniting the passion. And those distractions? They can jog on. Except for Christmas shopping of course…


And then the fun began...

22 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I get this. I think when I’m tired my attention span is really short, so something like writing takes too much concentration and energy – flitting between online shopping, social media, and the tv is easier! It’s hard to be motivated to at this time of year – everything kind of is slowing down… Hope you find your inspiration soon x

    • Funny you should say that – I’ve just spent my entire evening christmas shopping online! (well, I might have bought a few things for myself too 🙂 ). Motivation to do something productive in the very fleeting snippets of ‘free’ time us mums have is really hard to come by at times like this for sure. Xx

    • I do need to put it in perspective – I was organised enough before the holiday to write a post and schedule it for while we were away – I also scheduled the reminder Tweets. Then I did nothing for over a week and it was just so hard to sit down and write something – I drew a complete blank and just wanted to let social media wash over me. I just hope that our brains pick up the pace a bit now – I already have a few ideas but unfortunately not the time to excute them! Aargh!!! 🙂

  2. Oh yes, Sam – the cartoon at the top made me smile because it sums up my attention span…I love the comparison with Hotel California too, I’m way too addicted to social media. I was thinking the other day about how 10 years ago or so I had so much time to read and other things because there were no distractions like social media, as brilliant as they are. Hope your inspiration returns soon xxx #thetruthabout
    Leigh – Headspace Perspective recently posted…What Is ‘Normal’, Anyway?My Profile

  3. I know what you mean! I’m terrible at allowing myself to get distracted. There have been times when I’ve had an entire afternoon to myself and I’ve frittered it away doing, well, random stuff. I have to force myself to ruthlessly compartmentalise my time – something that goes against all my instintcs – and give myself 30 minutes for this, 15 for that, and so on. It’s all very regimented but at least it keeps me productive.

    Having said that, one of the things I love most about being on holiday is that you can be guilt-free about being unstructured. My wife finds it difficult to just switch off and do nothing but I don’t – I think I still bemuse her sometimes at my capacity to do things at 1,000mph at times, while taking forever to do anything at other times.
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    • Not just me then! I definitely need manageable ‘to do’ lists at the best of times. I had one Tuesday before the holiday when I knew I would have the whole (school) day to myself while EJ was at the childminders. I had planned to minimise everything and focus on writing but then at 6.30am that morning I got a text through from the childminder saying that the day was cancelled due to her own son being physically sick. I may have just cried a few tears of woe over that and thought ‘what’s the point? I might as well just throw in the towel now!’. Oh the melodrama! 🙂

  4. I have been feeling this way too. I feel like I’ve had zero attention give to anything…even though I also feel like there’s about 6 million things I *should* be doing! Hope your focus comes back soon!


    • Thanks Brandyn – I think it is literally a case of just not being able to focus at the time when things suddenly calm down and a bit of ‘me time’ comes on the table. I just can’t work like that. I also find that I am the kind of person who does their best work and is at their most productive in the morning and I rarely get the time to myself in the mornings, it is always after 8pm at night when I’m already feeling shattered. Ho hum! 🙂

    • I think your key achievement with blogging Caroline is that you never get bored of journalling your family life and that is what keeps the material coming because it is definitely easier to write a post about what you’ve been up to and how it’s made you feel, etc, than to write something that is trying to be deliberately witty or an opinion piece or something a bit niche… I think my main failing is that every time I sit down to write a post I feel like I ought to be delivering the kind of post which could be read out as a blogger’s ‘keynote’ at a conference!! It’s just not happening 🙂 Must try harder!! Xx

  5. I think this is kind of the curse of being a mom AND a writer. Writer’s gears are always turning..we process everything we see differently than others because it’s all a story to retell..so when you need some down time from the kids (which is often!) but your writer gears don’t get the message, there’s no telling what direction your mind will take you, especially when you add the endless internet to it! It’s exhausting and I’ve been in the exact same rut. Here’s to inspiration! And may distraction free time present itself at the most perfect time. 🙂

  6. I know how you feel Sam. I was like this a while ago. Then my phone and my laptop broke at the same time and I ended up having a week of early nights and actually reading and finishing a book. It helped.
    I’m not sure what the cure is but it will pass. Good on you for writing about it though. It shows you can certainly write well. I LOVE the comparison to Hotel California! How apt.
    Fionnuala from http://www.threesonslater.blogspot.com
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  7. I hear ya! I can totally resonate with this post. I love writing but I love it when it flows. I hate sitting down trying to write a post, half writing it, checking facebook, going to get something to eat and knowing my heart isn’t really in it.
    And with Christmas fast approaching, there’s even more distractions (holiday ads!!). I hope you find your inspiration/mojo soon xx #thetruthabout

  8. haha this is my life. Two year old in my bed. Distracted by Facebook and knackered so I can’t be arsed to blog. Hanging on by the skin of my teeth. I’m on leave this week and determined to get organised. A list is being written now!!! xx Thanks for hosting xx
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  9. I have the attention span of a flea. I could barely make it to the end of the post. (OMG I am SO joking…the rudeness!). Seriously though, these days I have to keep reminding myself that the most productive way to do things is to do one project at a time and FINISH it. I’ll remember that when I’ll have 20 pages open on my PC, papers all over my desk, i’m on my phone and eating my lunch. 😉 Love the Hotel California Facebook ref…. old skool AND true! #TheTruthAbout
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  10. This is me all over at the moment Sam and I keep questioning if there’s something wrong with me! I just can’t seem to stay on task at all. I think my problems is not writing a To Do list. I always get distracted when I haven’t got one and just end up panic actioning stuff and never finishing a thing! I feel for you. I wonder what the answer is? A spa break in the middle of nowhere probably. Bliss.
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