Blog fraud (the posts that passed me by…)


Call out the blog police – I’m still calling myself a blogger even though I haven’t posted a thing for weeks – and not only that but I’m off to Mumsnet Blogfest at the weekend which seems doubly fraudulent!

I guess the main reasons for my lack of input are these: life lately has been both mundane and complicated; full disclosure is not an option; it feels like things have changed so much since I began this blog back in July 2013 and despite the fact that I’ve never really stuck to a niche or a formula with regards subject matter, I am still struggling to decide what I want to write about and share.

To be honest I find that writing helps me to order my thoughts. It can be both therapeutic and creative. It can help me to put all of my thoughts and feelings in context and whether or not anyone actually reads it and finds it informative/helpful or interesting, it helps me and it makes me feel like I am putting my little stamp upon the world.

Here are some blog posts I could have written recently but didn’t:

A rundown of the Halloween day out I had with the kids during half term (my only day off work) – we went to a very popular Surrey garden centre called ‘Secretts’ where you can take a fun tractor trailer ride out to their massive pumpkin patch and pick your own (in the event my two each chose the most enormous specimens they could find and ended up costing me way above and beyond what I would normally deem a reasonable price for a root vegetable…).

The children’s first experience of trick or treating.

An (I like to think) informative guide to ‘how to start again’ in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown (although everyone’s circumstances are different but judging from a recent Facebook thread I was tagged to by my lovely friend Mel, there are a growing number of us entering this brave new world of single parenthood and we’re all at different stages of the game so perhaps either my experiences or my approach to coping 9 months down the line might be of interest to someone out there).

Autumn TV – what I’m loving (this may sound like the least exciting idea for a blog post ever but I read one similar by Kate over on Wit Wit Woo recently and not only was I interested in her take on programmes I already enjoy but some of her reviews on programmes I’d never heard of before intrigued me. (Also, as she points out, us single parents have to take our entertainment where we can find it and that’s mainly going to be within the confines of our own four walls!).

A ‘home style’ post. The children and I have been in our new home for just over two months now and it’s been a lot of fun to have free reign with décor with no other adult there to mess it up with a replica Ferrari or a coffee table made out of a Formula 1 tyre (don’t ask!).

An anti-home style post: two words – slug infestation. This might be more suited to a haiku…

So, food for thought (and apologies for using the word ‘food’ in quite such close proximity to the word ‘slug’) but here’s where I run out of ideas… If you’d be interested in hearing more on any one of these topics give me a shout!

4 thoughts on “Blog fraud (the posts that passed me by…)

  1. Of course you’re a blogger! It doesn’t matter how often you find the time to blog, you’re still a blogger and if you’re going to BlogFest this weekend, I’ll join you! I would like a post about the stuff you’ve been watching actually (always in need of inspiration) – whenever I’ve read a post of yours about a book, I’ve ended up buying the book there and there on Kindle and loving it. I’d also love a sneak peek into your new home with your 2 little men. A slug infestation sounds… well, slimy! Yuck! xxxxx
    Mel recently posted…What to Expect from Waitrose this ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Definitely still a blogger – I’m not surprised this blog has taken a massive back seat lately given everything that has been going on in real life for you. All of those posts sound interesting, especially your take on starting again after a relationship breakdown – there will always be someone who would find that helpful whenever you are ready to write it. Hope you are settling in well into your new home (slug infestation aside) and that life is starting to get on more of an even keel for you all x
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…If only I could bottle the moments…My Profile

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