50 shades of obsession

And by 50, I really mean: 5.

So without further ado here are my top 5 obsessions:

Obsession 1: The Halfway House:

The other day I had this flash of of inspiration about how to improve and beautify my home. I realised that, because there is a lot of clutter on most of the available surfaces, putting up some shelves would give me some valuable space to work with. I realise it’s not rocket science and everyone else in the world has already done this, but I digress – the point is, I didn’t then just leave it there, pencil in a quick trip to B&Q and crack out the power drill. Instead I went to Pinterest. I spent hoMy happiness shelfurs poring over beautifully coordinated, decorated and photographed shelving units. It was great! It made me happy. I told myself that this was inspirational, demonstrating what was within the realms of achievability. I even went on to clear some clutter from an existing shelf and pretty it up, creating what I’ve dubbed a ‘happiness alcove’.

What I haven’t done is buy a shelf, put up a shelf, style a totally new shelf. I still intend to do it, but the thought of actual DIY scares me and that is at the heart of my procrastination. So I’m dubbing this my current number 1 obsession (which may or may not fade to grey)…

Obsession 2: The Success Story

Mason Jar hot choc giftI have a huge obsession with Mason/Kilner jars. Again, I’ve been sucked in by Pinterest and a little voice in my head has instructed me to buy, and buy in bulk! So many different uses, so little time. This, however, is one of my only obsession success stories – I actually made up several Mason jar Christmas presents and a couple of home made snow globes in the run up to Christmas.


Obession 3: The Common or Garden Obsession:

Books. There was a time in my life when I bought a lot of books. Browsing Waterstones and inevitably succumbing to the 3 for 2 promotion every other week, plus being a literature grad and book group member, has led to scenes like this:

My bookshelves

However, as soon as I moved in with the hubster and my sister bought me my first Kindle, this habit has dramatically fallen off. To be honest there isn’t really room for any more books!

Obsession 4: The Obsession for Life

Blogging. Well, it’s inevitable really isn’t it? You won’t know it til you try it, by which time? It will have you, hook, line and sinker!

Obession 5: The Recurring Obession

Photography. Round about 2004 for some reason I can’t remember now, I decided to buy myself an SLR camera (that’s right people, SLR not DSLR – this was right before the digital revolution). I bought a book (naturellement!) and then proceeded to spend about two weeks photographing everything, from graveyards to my young nieces and family. I never got around to taking the camera off auto mode.

Ten years later, I bought myself an advanced compact Sony RS100 and last year embarked on a much more lengthy exploration, not of manual camera settings, but subject matter, framing, use of black and white, colour pops, filters and so on. It was easier to keep it going this time because of blog projects and photo linkys. Even so my interest has massively waned in the last 6 months, and yet I still have in my head that I will become an accomplished photographer one day…

I’d like to be the kind of person who has an obsession, masters the object of that obsession and is then either defined by it or moves on to conquer the next. My dad falls into the latter camp – he has mastered everything from chess to photography to carpentry and now an award-winning allotment. (He was a graphic artist and designer by profession).

However I can’t help feeling like there is something in my DNA that makes me stop, lose interest. My mind flutters from one idea to the next like an ADHD butterfly, I am consumed by an idea that burns brightly, before fizzling down to an ember.

Or maybe, I just haven’t yet found my one true obession…


And then the fun began...

15 thoughts on “50 shades of obsession

  1. You do make me giggle lovely, an ADHD butterfly that’s hilarious. Fab obsessions, I’m the same with books, my shelves are full of half read, must get round to another time when I have more time books… there’s just not enough hours in the day is there 😉 xxx
    Reneé @ Mummy Tries recently posted…Today I Choose JoyMy Profile

  2. I wouldn’t be down on yourself for moving on to new projects when you get bored, life would be really dull if we didn’t have varied interests, hobbies or obsessions! My book case is the same by the way, I keep wondering what on earth to do with it as like you I’m now a slave to the kindle… I think Oxfam books may be seeing a rather large donation!!!

  3. I can identify with a lot of this! Especially the thinking about DIY projects rather than actually doing them! My excuse is that my hubby is so good at DIY that it is much better for me to wait until he can do it (which means that it hardly ever happens because he works such long hours and then we want to go out and about when he is home). I love the look of your bookshelf – I don’t have a Kindle but sometimes read books on my iPhone.
    Louise recently posted…Paper Plate AquariumMy Profile

  4. Oh my gosh…once again I feel like I could have written this! I too seem to flit from obsession to obsession…and the only ones that stay (collecting books, band memorabilia, and the like) really aren’t things that are going to get me anywhere! The shelf thing made me laugh. I spend hours looking at projects that I know I’ll never get around to doing, most of them based on organizing the various items I’ve allowed to stack up in my home!
    Brandyn Blaze recently posted…The Truth About…Mommy Sick DaysMy Profile

  5. haha you sound like an activist! I’m one of those. Flits around and wants a new project and to the try everything!! Nothing wrong with it…you are well rounded. Enjoyed your writing as always!
    Sarah x
    I blog at dietitianslife.com too x

    • I will definitely keep some, if not all, of the books I have now for life but I do like owning a Kindle – it means I can buy unlimited books at a cheaper price and very convenient 🙂 Thanks for commenting Jessica X

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