Monday Melfie!

Melfie No.1

I’m taking the prompt from the lovely Elfa over at Californian Mum in London and joining up to her new Monday Melfie linky which encourages all us mothers to remember ourselves for a change and literally get in the frame with our beloved little ones. This week I’ve grabbed EJ to beautify my picture!

Californian Mum in London

The unanswerable questions of parenthood…

How do you stop the flashing of a flashing shoe?
Why does Father Christmas need a chimney flue?

How is Postman Pat considered to be employable?
Why is posting peanuts in the Xbox so enjoyable?

Where exactly *do* all the dummies go?
Why does school run traffic have to be so slow?

What is it with Mr Tumble and spots?
When’s the best time to transition out of cots?

Why are childcare experts all child-free?
Whatever possessed me to buy a cream settee?

What’s the record length for a game of I Spy?
Why mummy, why mummy, why mummy why?

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The Truth about…

Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of The Truth about… a chance for you to share whatever you want about whatever subject takes your fancy, the one rule being: no gloss allowed.

Too many of us get sucked into a cycle of self doubt when we read about the ridiculously glamorous and glitzy things our online friends seem to be up to all the time 😉 . In such circumstances, comparing ourselves to others really does suck the joy right out of our own windows – it’s true, I feel that this is a very post-modern phenomenon with regards social media.

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The Truth about… exercise post-birth

Pizza not exercise

Before I had my first child back in September 2009 I was a member of a gym. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some kind of fitness fanatic, but I was aware that exercise was unavoidable if you wish to have any semblance of a figure post-30. I would run on the treadmill, spend some time on the cross trainer, the rowing machine and do a few of the weight machines for core strengh. I also combined that with going for a run, particularly in the summer months.

The hubster was, and still is, a bit of a fitness fanatic. He religiously runs and goes to the gym, does weights, enters competitive runs and takes part in our local Park Run every Saturday morning, even if he was working late the night before. (His dad reckons it’ll be the death of him 🙂 ).

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Black and White Photography Project: Boy in a Tunnel

Boy in a tunnel

When you’re looking at black and white photography from the eye of a complete photographic novice, you suddenly realise, through experimentation that certain things can be very nicely enhanced. I have found that black and white brings out textures that might otherwise be missed, obviously any photo where there is an easy to spot contrast between light and darkness benefits, and  it also lends itself nicely to a picture like this where there are some interesting shapes.

What do you think?

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My Sunday Photo 26.10.14

An autumnal offering

I was inspired to create this little autumnal friendship gift by the lovely Emma over at Life at the Little Wood who made a very similar little jar of autumnal beauty recently. I think it turned out rather well. It includes a bought rose, fabric oak leaf as a decorative touch and the prettiest seasonal offerings from my garden.

Linking up to My Sunday Photo over at One Dad Three Girls


The Truth about…you and me, and a new linky

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts lately that have referenced Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote, “comparison is the thief of joy”. It seems there is a bit of a backlash to the glossy side of life portrayed in so many places across the blogosphere. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love poring over beautifully crafted photographs of people and places, flowers, events and holidays to exotic locations – they give me something to aspire to – but it’s so easy to come away from the screen feeling a little lonely and uncomfortable amidst clutter, mismatched furniture and children dressed all in TU from Sainsburys.

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Assessing the first half term of school life: the end of the beginning

JJ's first day at school

A slightly different approach to Word of the Week this week. As it’s the last week of the first half term of JJ’s school life, I thought I’d do a little round up, so my Word of the Week is: Endings (of beginnings).

With the first six weeks of ‘big school’ life under his belt here are some of JJ’s highs and lows:

  • Week 1: initial thoughts – three afternoons checking out the new toys (educational, you say? Huh?) This is going to be a piece of cake.
  • Week 2, day four: Abandonment as no-one shows up for pick up. Daddy eventually twigs that the end of the school day is at 3.10pm, not 3.30pm
  • Week 3: The ‘interpret it yourself’ letter game arrives home in his school bag rapidly morphing into a ‘memory game’ with unintentionally hilarious results when an A, S, E and R are chosen, but not in that order… (fortunately his spelling skills are still rubbish)
  • Week 4: it finally transpires that the ‘Dinner Lady Special Award’ doesn’t actually mean that the plate was cleaned, more of an indication that there was an over-print at the sticker factory. Memory loss (with regards day’s activities) off the scale.
  • Week 5: 15 parentmail emails clocked up, 1 sponsored event under his belt, 6 new friends whose names escape him, one small hole in one of his two branded school sweatshirts.
  • Week 6: after-school meltdowns reaching an all-time high with teary wailing at the very suggestion that the tablet isn’t charged up for his continuing Peppa Pig marathon, or that juice is provided in the ‘wrong’ cup, or that his flashing shoe won’t stop flashing, or…well just anything really.

So there you have it. The end of the beginning is nigh and it, probably, couldn’t come a day too soon – put the brakes on the rollercoaster!!

Happy weekend WOTWers!

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Munchkin pumpkins and the House not so Beautiful…

Munchkin pumpkin

So I noticed that Sainsburys are currently selling these little mini pumpkins called munchkins recently. At first I was desperate to chuck about six in the trolley (£1.50 for two, don’t you know?!). I’m a sucker for anything that’s been minaturised (or over-sized for that matter! I guess there is something about the novelty value…) But then I stood there for a while visualising the potential usage and I walked away.

In an ideal world I would have a home which has numerous delightfully uncluttered, chic and shiny surfaces just ripe for some kind of Pinterestable seasonal decorative display (try saying that without your false teeth in!). In reality? This is about the best it ever gets:

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Wicked Wednesdays – come baaaaack!!

Scooting into the distance

That moment when you realise that you probably shouldn’t have given your two year old access to a very nippy scooter – as he disappears into the distance, heading rapidly for a massive pond…

Linking up with Wicked Wednesdays over at Brummy Mummy of 2!!